Hello, my name is Phuc-Hoang, Anh-Tu (Mr.) (CV), and I am the operator of four influential news and media ‘super’ blogs. The combined credits of my website network includes approval by the National Government of Canada, the University of Oxford and Cool Site of the Day. They average more than 8k visitors each month and have more than 4.3k email subscribers. They are as influential as commercial media yet all are non-profit, non-commercial titles.

The Culture Proof is a news & media ‘super’ blog for the upwardly mobile, their families and friends.

I also own a consulting business in digital marketing, and professionally I help the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, based in Dharamsala India, and the Canadian Tibet Committee based in Montreal Canada. I am also a volunteer for the U.S. Geographic Service’s National Map Corps. Finally I am one of the 60 people who are the ‘Big5’ (the ‘Big 5’ and proofdigital marketers in the USA.

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