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Mas de Uno (More Than One) Short Motion Picture Premiere

More Than One (Mas de Uno) tells the story of an incident that takes place along the border of El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico. Stereotypes and misconceptions shape our perception of reality, therefore, to us, there will always be more than one truth.

Delay Update: after some delay this short motion picture is ready to go. Enjoy as it’s a good movie.

Investing in Toronto’s Future

A popular Toronto magazine named Toronto Life, announces that Drake will invest in a bar in Toronto (article). In a concurrent story, ‘H’ addicts are shooting up in broad daylight in public parks not far away (article). This isn’t a Drake hate thing, but I think Toronto’s been very reckless. And since Donald Trump got burned in Toronto, with his Toronto hotel tower that is no longer a Trump building (article), the Hard Rock Cafe have left (article). Toronto’s a living place but its disingenuous image, that’s been allowed to go on far too long, is proactively burying social justice.

In another town, in Ontario, the local BIA did a study to learn the difference between a customer on crack and a customer on ‘H’ (article). I think Toronto did a study to know the customer on weed. There are groups in Toronto with big treasury chests, like private BIA’s and something is amiss.

Before his death, Toronto’s ‘crack smoking’ former mayor Rob Ford was in a battle with local restaurant owners over some city licensing rights (article). After his death, four city managers were charged with accepting kick-backs (article). No one wants to fix problems in Toronto.

I for one say that upper class people like myself (article) proactively advocate social justice, good governance and good business.

Drake’s OVOFest this year, unlike past years where it was a mosh pit with shootings, was more like a ‘comic con’ event ~ real serious listeners who have a stake in it. It’s like Toronto’s Pride or Caribbean (Caribana Weekend) cultural events. For Drake, that’s a good thing and a departure from Toronto’s shady and untrustworthy operating environment (article).


I like Sylvester Stallone as well and I think the Hard Rock Cafe is something good, but it still failed because Toronto is reckless and lacks discipline. Its businesses and administrators have no ongoing concern for Toronto as an environment. Toronto doesn’t have any control, that when Canada said it wants higher standards in NAFTA for women, indigenous and employees, it fell short of the pole. Especially when Netflix must raise prices here because Canadians pirate their American signal yet in NAFTA “Canada’s digital rights are not for sale, or trade“. The arts industry in Canada wants direct subsidy not incentives to carry their videos and music ~ they don’t care if you carry it or not.

And there’s a lot of this sort of loosey goosey loss of self-control, whereby Canadians are a very proficient bunch with no real life experience (article) to transmit onto media other than the ones working in L.A. No one can afford to lose as much as a Canadian at this time ~ the mattress is huge. If you practiced the fake talk a Canadian practices, you’ll starve in the USA! Canada’s up against a wall of honest people who won’t take its money.

It’s the Rob Ford curse that your own is at fault, and that’s all there is left of Canada. The age gap (article) is the size of the brain drain (article).

Speaking of which, why is Elon Musk in Reno or Buffalo? Hahaha I’m just kidding Elon, you know?




Drugs Value Chain: Manufacturer, Distributors and Sales People

The illegal drug value chain is composed of manufacturers, distributors and sales people just like any product. Both manufacturers and distributors are big groups, like ‘Mexican cartels’ and street gangs that are powerful. But sales people are smaller individuals.

The fact that drug addicts are using public parks in Toronto to ‘shoot up’, can be that someone is selling drugs in the area because Toronto is also a very expensive place to rent!

Yuppie’s Home Computer Repair Sheet

Fixing a computer at home is a funny thing ~ you need it to fix it, if you’re a yuppie. It’s like taking the car to the next gas station when the tank is empty so further along with this analogy, make sure you have a kind of car kit before an emergency. This sheet helps you change the tire or boost your battery.

  1. your login and passwords to get into the computer, your accounts and onto the internet.
  2. do you have another internet device, like a tablet or smart phone? have it ready.
  3. have you created a boot up disk or do you have the Windows installation disk? Now with Windows 10 you can get the installation and boot files on the web at Microsoft’s webpage. If you can afford to, make a boot CD/DVD and also make a full installation-SD. Earlier machines still boot by CD/DVD not SD. So you can boot by CD/DVD and install by SD.
  4. Know your function keys like F2 to get into your BIOS screen, F12 to get into your boot options screen. Also whether you need to press fn + [F2] or not.

Let’s get at it, okay? There can only be three things that go wrong ~ in combination? No, but it will appear that way, as the real reason will cause problems for them all.

  1. Unplug your computer that it is not connected to anything but itself, meaning no SD cards, no printers and attachments.
  2. Ask yourself. Is it hardware, software program or Operating System.
    1. Hardware: a loose cable inside, a defective hard-drive that is making lots of noise, a new piece of equipment you added. Open your computer case and check that components like RAM and hard-drive are securely attached. They might have loosened. Installing Device Drivers is part of hardware too ~ it’s not as bad as a real OS problem, more on that later.
    2. Software: was a new program installed or updated? There can be incompatibilities, especially if the program was pirated. It could also be a virus from surfing the world wide web. Run an anti-virus and uninstall programs and updates that were recently done by sorting them by date.
    3. Operating System: inattention while using your computer can break the OS. For example, sitting at the kitchen table, you pull out the SD card without Ejecting it first ~ unfortunately Windows was using that SD card for temporary cache for some systems files. Now that chain is broken and your system will crash. This causes a situation called the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). If it is an OS crash, you have a couple of options:
      1. restore a back up ‘image’ of your OS, made prior to the crash. Create a back up at least monthly, so that your computer is only back dated within that month.
      2. if not, use the boot up disk earlier to repair the OS or reinstall it. To reinstall the OS will require a reformatting of your hard-drive, so be ready to lose bric brac as essential documents ought to be in several safe locations like your email and  a cloud online drive like Google Drive.

This good video guides you to reinstall Windows 10.



How Stats are Used to Mislead, Ultimately One’s Self.

The Conference Board of Canada, a business group, presents a statistic, that is true but ultimately misleading and worse, does more harm than good for business.

Canada is indeed leading the world in College grads, but careful reading shows, this statistic does not include University grads.

In fact, at any one time, the enrollment in post-secondary education (College, University and Trade Schools) hovers around a piddling 6.8% of the population (Government website).

Canada wants to pass off a lemon to dumb suitors. At any one time, with an aging population, the rate of higher educated is 6.8%, the poverty is 30%, 60% of the employed are on the bottom rung of the income spectrum (30% in the middle run and 10% in the top rung) and the air pollution index is a 9 in a city and province (Toronto, Ontario) that accounts for 38% of GDP.


Canada: ISIL is not the Enemy, the Nanny is!

On the eve of Invictus Foundation Games Toronto, in September, rarely has a Canadian politician served in the military. The current Defense Minister served in the Indian Army and has gotten this nation to rewrite history accusing India of genocide? Canada has no concept of an Enemy other than Nannyism from abroad. Not even ISIL is a state enemy here. What’s next for Canada? A retired Ho Chi Minh General as MP because it weren’t at war with those Reds? Canada isn’t racist, it’s perfect.

MPs send soldiers to war, but few have gone themselves (article)

Canada exerts disproportionate influence for its size because it is rich in natural resources but plays a small tactical role in security. Such that its interests lean toward commerce and pacifism. It is neither Saudi Arabia, with strong Muslim interests, nor Switzerland by U.N. recognition. It is the rich kid who can bail himself out and as such it has fallen behind the times. disconnected from the dirty matter of employment from ‘whiz bang new fangled’ technology. The mass culture embraces it so its not even that Charlton Heston film or Atwood woman, a parable, but rather a funny West World country.

“I was dating a White Viet Cong from Canada.” Canada isn’t modest. Another Commonwealth nation, Australia, comes out strong against terrorism by taking a clear position against it. The lone Western nation in Asia asserts its identity among ‘foreigners’ and together these countries have created something anew, the Trans Pacific Pact free-trade, that North America has the option to participate but its really an Asian Pacific thing. Meanwhile, Canada with its commercial and pacificistic leanings are going the way of BRIC, like a mutual fund. PMOC (a la POTUS) is not a mutual fund!

Canada has deceived on the expense of health of its people to attract commercial investments. It places the burden of its errors on its people a la retail spending but not lack of business spending which is the real pulse. Its retail landscape is a headache but the business body is a corpse. The government knows full well these matters, as the statistics come from them, that every year there is a net loss in entrepreneurs and new businesses that go untold after they disappear from the numbers.

A study says Canada is #2 in Best Places to Live, but its not a Health or Education study, its a Real-estate Development study.  The air pollution in Toronto is the worse among the worse in North American cities. The poverty, if you think 14% is high, is near 30%! The income distribution looks like a dead boa constrictor threw up its dinner. A recent article calls this place Hell.

When a former Mayor called for an end to the gravy train, that non-partisan public official, meant the party polity and he was bludgeoned to death with the printed word. In hindsight with POTUS drawing doodles or wearing sunglasses dancing in front of a mirror, the probable doubt that that former mayor was a crack addict in the midst of a gang land sweep seems more plausible and certainly shows a lack of good civic behavior by the Thought Police in Canada, whose news outlet has become influential all over the world for selling paper with barely there scandal.

The government has grand programs to fund new businesses, few of whom are Better Business Accredited. I’m going after my BBB accreditation! You might see that logo on my business page, to be shared here, I hope. It’s quite simple, promise to keep being good. Dam right I’m proud ~ I’m an honest business owner! I’m rich today because I played by the rules.

Why does the Thought Police in Canada have so much weight? Because telecommunications, that is fiber and telephony, is grouped with professional football, baseball, hockey teams and movies, under the government classification when it takes a picture of the economy. So that Google, a search engine, is flummoxed as to why a ‘film ministry’ ought to block its appeal for a free internet between two other parties arguing over patent rights of mechanical switches used in factories. Seems simpler just to rewrite the loser’s website than to scrub the global world wide web beyond your jurisdiction. It is a rich kid who bails himself out with a big mouth and short limbs, who is behind the times. Where the internet is changing the world, Canada sees it as a toy from a Big Parent.

As a professional, Canada needs a Big Parent to look after its kids social media profile. Unlike elsewhere with the same problem (scoring on your own net for the sake of outsiders), Toronto’s class conscious but deprived culture has reached a ‘known quantity.’ Perhaps Atwood has been redeemed.

The End.

Why Home Ownership is the Best Wealth Building

Owning a home, instead of renting, is the best form of wealth building as seen in the simple illustration below. Whether you hit upon bad times or not, the money you put into a home puts money into your pocket. Even if there is a mishap, where you are forced into insolvency, having a big amount of money in a home will fix your pain.


What I drew above are two scenarios. In the first bar, is the normal situation, when you buy a house and over time your debt to the mortgage lender shrinks, including Other Debts too, like from a small credit card.

In the second scenario, what happens when your property goes up in value, if you are to sell it, you make back the amount you own plus the new price.

What might happen, to a few people who are stricken by a life mishap, is that you can sell your home to pay expenses and all other debts and still come out on top, if your property has gone up in value but also if you have been paying your bills before the mishap.


The sweetest time spent for the upwardly mobile on mobile.