WMDs are Real.

Here is the proof. The present state of haywire is caused by a wmd. An old one with a new name. It is called cyber warefare. And it is not only the wires and hard drives, in fact that is IT, cyber is the material, thought forms, presumpositions and even allusions to ersatz references and the books of struggling professional students long in the tooth looking for a break on network tv because they came from a low income unrespectable working class family and they have been riding this gravy train. But, here is the punchline, at their own risk, as if it were Herbal Life. Well the product is crapola. The product is a laissez faire shallow hate-on for the new Middle East, stoked by dissidents who believe Saddam is alive the way conspiracists think Hitler lives in Maine

The next depression will be in their heads. They thought that an uncritical hate-on for religion and the fall of Saddam sounded reasonable and even popular. Well it did not work. They remortgaged their parents over-priced bungalows after working as temps to spend money in the gig market promoting a hate-on, though not Hate, for yesterdays war as if we invaded Shangri La, as the Chinese did. Lol.

You got a brochure? Maybe not cus I write this on a Tuesday when they come out on a Thursday. Pizza, winter shovels, flat screen tvs. Thats all cyber. What about the brochure about the Medicaid deadline, or the one that promotes a maskless candidate. Thats all cyber. And it can be wrong on purpose just as it can be correct. It is cyber warfare. It is a wmd.

I have been keeping my own set of books on them. As we know intuitively or formally, social media is a yellow sticky. Its a lipstick mark on the mirror. Its a brochure. So you’re either using it as a brochure for something bigger or your brochure is a brochure of brochure making. If your social media presence is bigger than your souvenir shop you just screwed up. You are the female Perez Hilton with nic nacks as a set. They are about to deflate. Their credit line is nearing its max. Its been ten years, over which time, full time benefits payroll employment have dropped even as the unemployment has fallen. These gigs are not Beatles and Rolling Stone bar gigs or John Malkovich on Broadway gigs. It is nothing to you. Enjoy the Hollywood ending.