Social Media is a Failed Effort.

It is early still but a strategy is formulating that is putting social-media in the trunk. For several reasons, it is geared for one form of dialogue, and often a ‘depressive’ one. Even with social-media, the same small amount of internet users actively use it ‘proactively’ for unconstructive purposes. So it is more important now to think about transitioning to an operator-friendly solution like WordPress with a video platform so that you can stream your own videos without using a social media platform (which is their price-proposition, ‘free’). This also places more importance on your email database. I believe WordPress has all of these solutions for a business. Or you can choose any other enterprise because the point is Social Media is flimsy medium. It will save you money immediately and in the long-term. I myself am also transitioning to my own blog, as social media is not the public space it envisions, it’s more like a high-end mall for sad people. Google+ did likewise ditching their social media effort. It is a mob-pulpit than the front-porch neighborliness. And there is no one-to-many solution for that since Intellectual Property is a merit system, a creativity system and an economic system. A genuine creator will pay for their own supplies rather than borrow like a surf-peasant from his landlord. Real Americans have more of an impact on their nation’s Credit-Score than they do the Top-Trending hashtags; the character of America requires education to see. Social media is a junkie.