New Media versus the Activist

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” Faith is waging a war against wealth inequality. American seniors are dealing with starvation scenarios and human vultures, the problem is big enough to make the nightly local and national news. Opioid addiction, of the homeless junkie and the patient criminally prescribed, might have rendered a big slice of the American workforce ineffectual. The reason for all of this is the communication component of society. At the core of these problems is the dissemination of “all” information: knowledge that can do good and knowledge that does bad. Good knowledge is seemingly well-to-do (doctors, government officials, professors) for the safety of the public. Bad knowledge is more exciting, starry-eyed and escapist: infomercials and retail-tainment, that wander into faithless territory (day-trading, house flipping, starting your own business, subprime lending).

New media, the concept of home-bound publishing and communication, has been co-opted by a few ‘monopolistic’ enterprises. By now they are household names and have done the opposite of helping markets be more efficient. Things that are not in demand can reach more Americans because of the tools in this new-media which goes unaudited. Ashley Madison, the website that lets husbands meet their mistresses, gets national exposure. They lie and they do not care. They have no obligation to the audience. It is a fact that half of the revenue of new media originates from mystery-money. Mystery-money is bad and one can only imagine where it would come from. Some how cartels are able to use this hungry new industry to launder money.

New media is a not the laundry machine, which is the drug cartels, the financial system and the individuals who help them. But it is a component of it, the spin cycle dial. These new media giants roaming America, are on public trial, for anti-trust practices which involve stymying the free press, distorting the demand-supply of the market, and sucking up all of the advertising dollars at the expense of the character of ‘work’ and nation-building. Activists against wealth-inequality and its regime are scoring goals. Yahoo’s $8.9 billion valuation, that AT&T spend hard cash, is worth zero (AT&T recently wrote it off on their financial statement for zero). It might very well have to do with the dissemination of callow cannibalistic bad information.

New media is a dilettante, an enemy of the country and callow human-vulture. At it’s heart is near sightedness that have also been elevated by the technology and non-existent character of the new monopolists. The founder of Facebook said that the audience can take a hike if they do not like the way he does things. It’s an odd sales pitch but what to expect when half their revenue is mystery-money. These new moguls are not Founding-Father types. Believe it.