Canada’s Domestic Theater of War

A $400,000 New Jersey property would fetch $1.9 million in Toronto’s suburb. A nice property in a working class neighborhood I know well has just listed for $1.9 million. Exchange rates notwithstanding it’s a $400,000 New Jersey home. If it were a hockey-card owned by Bruce McNall I would be impressed. Except it is not just that.

It is conceivable that every ‘rich’ Canadian will not hold title-deed to land. The society here is ruled by socialites. And here I veer off the society trail into more “fried beans” territory. Canada’s giant monopoly Rogers Communication has borrowed a kingly sum from an investment bank. Its debt repayment is more than its revenue. Hypothetically, as Rogers goes ever more into the red (by way of weak executive decisions like hiring second rate Canadian stars who are bigger abroad), laying people off, this investment bank can take that money and buy out Canadian homes of out-of-work desperate people. Soon everyone will be cash rich surfs. It is a frictionless perpetual motion machine protected by the country’s own courts. The only way out is to 1) spend every dollar you make to help Rogers pay its debt, by way of the Toronto Blue Jays, the Raptors, the Maple Leafs, two stadiums and countless retail chains. 2) make Rogers illegal. 3) sell those franchises for huge sums. The debt it owes is law and there is no way out for ‘sheltered’ Canadians flush on services but no-cash nor high-value work.

It is an old-fashioned cotton mill or tobacco mill town scenario whose owner owes an outsider. The money does not leave the area but the title-deeds are transferred from the many to the few. And since they have used Canada’s monopoly business environment, it is a frictionless perpetual motion machine. The socialites, nor their followers who are as many asians and blacks as whites, will not have any of this talk. A $15/hr minimum wage only reinforces this lackadaisical attitude, such is the strategy of very shrewd people leading very simple people.

This is my sincere view of this situation and the lack of value and thuggery in an imbecilic Western economy. There is nothing there to speak with, these thoughts are air passing outside the bus.