Obama Sr., the Kenyan Tom Mboya, a Russian Mole

“During his first year of studies at the University of Hawaii, Obama took a Russian-language class where he met Stanley Ann Dunham, the president’s mother.”

“Barack Hussein Obama arrived in the United States in 1959, via an exchange program known colloquially in Kenya as the “Tom Mboya airlift,””

“Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, US a few years ago. The centre provided scholarships to needy but bright students from Africa. Obama’s father was one of the students who benefitted from the study-in-America scheme.”

“Was Barack Obama Sr. ‘eased’ out of Harvard, and America, for dating white women?”…

“Newly released letters show that Barack Hussein Obama Sr made no mention of the fact that he was married to the future US president’s mother and had a child with her as he applied for a scholarship and a grant to tide him over as he pursued his studies (in the USA)…”