Canada is Store-Brand Nazism

Canadians are morons; it’s their way that they practice store-brand nazism and no-name nazism. Their country is the first to be kept as the Man in the High Castle. And yet, you touch it you’re still touching Buckingham Palace. There’s no theory about it:

These people are children with the power of the Sun! Every nigger is par, are they not? They have a concrete bucket over their eyes. They’re psychotic lil bo peeps. Their nigger is more self important that a goddam sheik. They’re also suppose to be making uber manse not welfare state. As long as they build it higher than 2 stories it’s cosmpolitan. Canada is a colony of psychotics. They’re jobbers; they are children with the power of the Sun. These troglodytes don’t even know foreign Royalty and they’re learning international baccalaureate to be pigs. You will lose everything dining with pigs. And following a guard, not even a general, I hear old Hitler says the guy is a fucking idiot. No wonder its so merchantile.

And regular Brits got to know too because their lives not the National Enquirer. Canadians found that ‘no conflict’ that the Buddha failed.

It’s not fucking good cos the hack is in the lyrics! “God bless good and bad”???? FUCK YOU AND YOUR MERCHANTILE CLIQUE! Everywhere they are the lowest of civil-society. Canada is a bullshitting chump of a man; it’s subsistence sales at home.