America is Going to Blood Suckers

This week on, I am sharing the Big Short the full movie. I curate full movie selections on my Twitter stream regularly—it is what is on your mind. In hindsight, it plays into the conspiratorial fears of power and money even as they are kept apart in theory.

“Four outsiders who, through a bold investment, uncover the dark underbelly of big banking others refused to see, navigate the 2005 US mortgage crisis.” Watch at tubitv.

In real life the government swooped in to be the hero, from which the economy was ruined, using public money for this non-charitable rescue from bankers.

The sub-prime market collapsed because these high risk home buyers lost their jobs? It’s a pyramid scheme to make profit at the expense of public funds by a risk-inclined group. Those jobs are easily taken away after the sub-prime mortgages are sold off.