Telco’s Stalker Ads Ain’t Advertising

Location based advertising is common place. And you can opt out of it, by controlling your settings in apps and devices. What the telcos have done is extracted this information regardless of the Off switch and sold it against your wishes. They’ve bypassed the Off switch, without your consent, and so long as you have a cell signal, they extract your location and sell that data to advertisers.

On the other end, these advertisers can trace your movement because they need to know if their ads ran according to their purchase. These so-called advertisers, none of whom have been revealed, are buying your location even when you go ‘dark’ and depending on conditions of their purchase, can know what type of person is where and when. In other words, was the person old or young, male or female, where they were and when to prove that the ad was shown to the “right type of person at the right time in the right place”. Ignorance is their way of making a living. They are professional ignoramuses; they can’t afford to lose so they’ll kill good people. So welcome to America. With Spam laws and COPPA regulations, these advanced professionals ought to know better since they promote cellular family-plans to give to your teens.

Finally, some background on the common place location-based advertising that usually respects your Off switch.