9-11 is 8-9-10-11

9-11 has economic links to domestic homegrown terrorism. At first no one took credit and later on Al Qaeda took credit. The hijackers came down from, or through, Canada.


Canadian terrorist Omar Khadr awarded $8 million dollars.

Canada to Apologize, Pay Former Gitmo Prisoner Omar Khadr


In Canada, 30% own land and 70% are tenants. Contrast that to the United States, where 64% own land and 36% are tenants. Canadians who rent see their pay garnished by the 30%. Furthermore, 20% of wage earners take home 50% leaving the other 50% for 80% of wage earners. For that disparity of income distribution Canadians get universal healthcare.

What’s more Canada’s numbers change on a whim, so I’m not wrong if census change. “Immigrants to Alberta have Canada’s highest home ownership”, but results also show, “Tens of thousands of homes are sitting vacant across Canada”. Smoke and mirrors like these obfuscate the truth—what Trump might call buying a passport!

In one year, tourism to Toronto was 40 million in a nation of 30 million, that can be corrected if it poses an image problem. As one author of modern development wrote, “cities are in a race-to-the-bottom to attract foreign investment.”


The spike in Anarchist violence and destruction in Canada has consolidated the insurance industry.

Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life to combine into one company

“Canadian National Railway (CN) Investigating after Another Train is Derailed (Possible Anarchist Sabotage)- Sainte-Marie-Salomé, Quebec, Canada – 19 February 2020 (Attacks on Infrastructure)”

The rich in Canada that control land and business will do well to shield Anarchists, who say they don’t want Empire, but through their destructive force create more Empire. Anarchists acquire money before they acquire brains, they are parasites. Fundamentally the banks are in a precarious situation because they are creating a false impression, that will collapse…because it is impossible to make up for brains.

“His (Bush) statement has been as right as wrong.” blah blah blah right?