TheCultureProof’s Social Political Fap Rap

Let’s start this Christmas Day wrap. Slow at first as we warm it up… here go.

Merry Xmas motherfucker.

Zip codes are the drivers of America not surveys.

These crooked types need immigration slack more than your honest business.

Snakes want to procreate with people!

Ask yo assistant if they know sny one shithead

The fact yo girls is shit dont nean im anti #metoo like a trannie stripper, snake

Good people have ten they have a million in all the bestsellers. Theyre nothing

Christdom without God is garbage

Places that pay below market for Harvard is a shit zip code.

Sorry yes like youre anybody

Yo health less than yo brain

Yo wear it like yo shame

But theres mo Yo dont kno Like a pick to yo lock

We aint insane but we doctoered yo

So long as its america

Might makes right under law

Common chef With no star

Fo the dead Afta work

Zzzz yawn Like a virgin fawn

Fucked by a buck Witho much as a buck

Guess tattoos like a car Gotta have one if yo got no scar

just a fad amung the lads Dont mean shit without the harvard witch

Hope yo like this poem from drinkordie

We make widows cry too

Wherever we go If no one shos We do one like blo

Merry Christmas bitch its like yo were a whore yo ho life score Yo got fucked holy that dont make it un Christ without God nono hun

I dont give much of a damn After the fact yo ordered an ordeal yo so i gave ya flack

Check this…yo cant beat her She lives by her wits she aint there to look at the tits So yo and your flunky can do that voodoo yo do Nothings gonna help cuz vasser isnt state

Yo think canam so neat like its unique It aint thay hard if yo stick to cancon 20 80 can am content

Yo fake spider i never tire Watching yo wear yo fake weave like hair Yo got shit in 20 and shit in 80 For 20 im here making yo stare For 80 we there saying dont yo dare

Yo convaluted cuz yo lie It makes yo diluted too Harvard is good and better than yo getting by Yo sticks like that a pack of whys Yo aint seen the cash cuz yo aint got any sass

Yo better back date that gook as a recruit Cuz hes gonna swing for sherman oaks real estate Until his necks breaks I see yo deficits theyre just fits Surfing a wave of only usa

Yo like a dirct campaign Why is it there here and everywhere Big small nothing.

Its yellow and red not that gooks card That terror is trying to parlay yo lard

The Dems hate the poor the way they behave Action speak louder than words since theyre all getting flayed

Ya he says theyre hood but thats no good Whats hood is rent they cant change The dems give voice to shit in the ghetto cuz its just a throw To jersey international

That black man,is me work hard save hard The dems is yo hard to read cuz readings hard

Im dyed in the wool while the usa is less yo dont contest I dont mean amazon or seo i mean their sho its shit stink ho 2.2 trillion for pepe from pete is wolf

Falun Gong is less than Richard Simmons. Are we watching American Incest, wtf is this shit!??? Starve the freaky shit in 2020 and do yo own. I believe. And hang that aimless gook.

Trump is impeached, economy is invalid. Canadian inflation higher than savings rate. Authors are scum real people have more value. You have been oppressed. Theyre late as snow in the arctic circle!

We all got lives, wtf is this fo? Yo red white and po, especually the rich whose sales pitch is shit!

I got a chair with a blonde hair on it. it came off her pants when i gave her a lap dance! That shit negros a wanker, anothet studio banger. Less pay than the caterer i cant stand canadas fakers

This ballads a salad that smells like newmans own wtf yo saying im home alone! Yo know what to do now yo reader is gone yo find another breeder that look less like Saigon


Enjoy yo break be back at 2 today. no rest for the wicked slow polc Yo plan do and act off obamas back, let my nigga go, he aint no flor Yo copy our rights off a tissue at night no one should kno except pompoe

Its so good yo cant resist cept its not yo yo twit fhole Canada fakes po is really is po cuz its 50 plus no Canada spent it on weed now they want speed well yo cant gave too much cuz welfare will sho

I got a nike and 500 dhares, thats not a lot to a billionaire But it makes them stare, whats wuth his hair, why aint it messi looks like ranoldo

Harvard aint humber neither is the switch yo on yo ass with a face for a stitch Yo got glycoma or yo a liar join the human race with yo long face.

Why is sean still rich he aint no bitch sings about canada who cares that shit Canada no life they dont do school their essays a report with marks for remarks Indias better they love to know Canada needs students thats a fact cuz the rest of them a buncha quacks

They troll for me to see the dresses why men at standford choose doctors not from stamford. they try a chink in some disco. she was alright whats else tonight.

Rich dont make sales the fake will say yo need to target kids the right way, theyll be doctors and richer than us, dint let it out we old as dirt

They need to know like mice in a book. Judy Blume would say there was no childood. It’s a huge gamble when you don’t know a lot of people. To risk it all on a fucking doll! They lying to you, this shit is high up. We’re counting pennies not like their bum!

We know what its worth and what shit beer tastes like, we come to their sho but pay for our guest. Mission and vision from even the bottom, you fucking wack that bitch is a ho

Your bum don’t know he thinks he’s elite, and actor’s say lines like corporate co, except this is compensation for copyright dough 80-20 for original art, it used to be 120% just to check my fart! She’s stupid as shit your blowjob ho, she uses her asshole to one up your dough Culture is high up, so nancy’s got to go, she let it be that Biden’s not a show ADHD is bullshit you know, it comes from their parents with shit to sho.

Why don’t you be a trucker it ain’t a monopoly, what about Buffet don’t he look hungry. What we got here is a market monopoly, that’s what it says in that book of yos: that it says that much but yo a chump. I know the truth because I ain’t a steal. Dumb shit for brains. Your fool is a loser. I agree with Buffet you fucking flea, a tutor is no good when you aint more than a D. One B I know. We’re the same age, don’t matter to me you drowning in rage. DFB I never cared about your bullshit business with kids on welfare.

Thought I was a latch key kid and not a pirate. It’s old hat now, now that shits great, before we did it to slip under the gate. Those games back then weren’t even worth dough, we pirated all night to look at your dough. We made you chumps now that there’s rules, you can’t go outside to lock no do’ We buy scuba gear to splice their line, in the middle of the ocean when you’re on the line, selling commercials and phone plans and such. We don’t give a fuck, this is for sho. It’s only for fun, we want to know and that new game too.

Yo got lint under the black light, you fat as a cow so you got it just right. That was after high school and when we went further. Yo so stuck you still not clear of the fog either. Got you I reckon, as librarians will say, if you use us less that comes out of our pay. Booya motherfucker! No one gives a shit ’bout you!

AI is bullshit it’s quarterly speak, for not taking a peek at your dashboards, your weak! Yo a chump the girls say, yo can’t wait for their bonus pay. They like my hair and the way I stare. They’re tits you know now go away! This is supernatural so there ain’t no way yo gone get people that saved their pay. Life is better just to know and find work only for the dough. That’s Buffet!

Don’t look no more, like you didn’t at home. Now you aint got a clue what Anhtu do I just did that what do you think, it makes you winch I’m nobody reckon that now. They taught me how.

why not you oh poo too late to be such a tool, highschools over and dem friends are late….they lost their phone book sometime in 98

I’m like her mom and you aint no date, what’s with this rap it reads like crap!

You sell this to jukeboxes in European cafes, where the patrons have all day. They don’t give a fuck so long as the piano don’t sound like a wet butt.Your music is angry at yourself, so they can’t even mind if they listen for a time. It says nothing about the world just… That’s what I’m told by people there, dumb fuck square. gets you rotation without the citation. Not even a sponsor. Ever heard the world so small, it’s just one clearinghouse, that still sells Biggie Smalls. Yo is a chump all the way, you can’t even parlay a champ’s pay day. That’s how it is even in the sticks. When you turn it around, it says no hay, I ain’t from Kings I’m still a slave!!!

Don’t spam kid, rotation without citation is worthless! It’s weak kid. not a strategy. Yo different yo been changed forever! Sorry you feel homework isn’t worth calling a life, you dumb sack of shit hahaha Cuz yo there now with your head on too. reading this like it’s so scarce. shhhit don’t hack jukeboxes!

Yo feeding your white kids shit!!! Yo guys think more! You guys can’t be jerk-offs when it comes to money! It’s the same as a piggy bank heist! Sorry to OHIO kids. Shhhit is this suppose to be you guys? With a GPA of 3.78, Ohio State University requires you to be above average in your high school class.

Got you cold jerk-off You’re a 28 year old youngster trolling highschool asshole! I’m a jerkoff cuz I’m like Celine Dion, you’re just an American Idiot!

This I know about their management tho. It’s contracted sales with a sort of shop talk. They may have other clients in supplies and wholesale. But worse of it is, they got a shit life near to the mob of no fixed ties. Can’t say booya, more like wouldn’t want to be ya. Wanna put you out, so they can just do ya.

They’re total bull but in this town if you’re willing to do that you’d all go down. Recall RIM or Nortel too. Savings lost out the gov cries its you. But its Canadian and so are we. Sorry for yo loss but its my boss. I’m not like you I still got a shot.

No one told it. Oh it was there, in a corner square, so its not front page news. The paper is private, so says you. It’s all one game; no that’s lame. It’s based on people well that’s my complaint!

Down there they’re aware. Many are smart and can talk like a hare, with real intel about the day’s news. They find the time to discuss crime at all levels of society. But you don’t know because its all wine and roses just before a show.

Up here it’s just a day in court. How’d he do, and such sort. Regarding the show I just have to show. This kind of stuff comes with some time. I’m saying not … that’s all.

It’s too hard the system’s not fair. Well that’s subjective, you’re barely there. Ain’t that important? You sold me bull. It ain’t no bull I still got shares. I’m in so deep with shit you don’t know; if I told you now you’d be the show.

I never said family your boss is there; a key holder but I got a spare. You listen to him but don’t come to me. You little fucking freak you stink like a flea. A boss has money and isn’t a scum. It’s your job to sell not whine about mine. The fuck you know, I got your grades. All that puff talk and water down lemonade. I import my lemons from overseas. I look at you and I see a flea. A jacked up government program; he’s better than tv.

I gotta hire a gay kid because he’s queer. The idiot is anti social just so you know. I didn’t hang with that when I was in class. Now I got to see it using a glass? It’s shit you need to know but I’m in so deep it’s a monopoly you know. You’re dead kid there’s no grand plan. Your heads too big take a look at this man. You brought yours out I need a shot. I think they’re weird and now I know; yup ya means you know your shit is not only queer. The turd wants more than what he’s good for.

That shit you wouldn’t follow; and its me that pays. So I read stuff here to avoid your slime. Their ideas shit like half rotten food. I smell it at work when they joke about school.

I wouldn’t say its socialist more like tv. Or a board game with a fucking flea. Watch his heart break because he’s a snake. Oh he’ll be back because he’s a sneak. He thought this and that, based in his head. The idiot cant do math, let alone read.

Hey lady, they got hacked. That’s not new jack its still low smack. It’s more an addict and bum, than what you see leaving this slum.

So I ain’t Brown but I can cast. It don’t come up blank its just their smack. I see it there where you know. Kinda psychic like, for this sho. That’s why I see ghosts too. They think its weird and that books are safe. But matter matters so long as its traced. Like a combination to a lock. Oh what the hell they’d do, you can’t slay.

Just like Buffet, you got to know. Don’t stray from the path fo so. It’s full of wolves, demons and hos. Some ain’t even real but they look good tho.

That’s why I think occult is a crime, because conversation is free. To pick pockets with ghosts you dead fo so. So I will win me alone, between me and your scum. Occult is a crime, just like me and Brown. They dead shit fo so; its part of God’s crown.

That’s why I say AI’s a cage. You will lose, they ain’t a race. I’ll be there on the hour. The rest ya I don’t worry. There’s something in place its called a brain. From whence it comes, you can parle. I don’t need to know that, I got it jack. I ain’t scared so much as aware.

Why come to Satan? What is that called. It’s called Hubris. Their missiles fall short because of the measles. They can’t shake the slack even if they hack. I got the word; I’m tellin’ you now, its worse than crack. You’re sane and a brain, but it bears no fruit. Thats karma for y

This recruit is unique he’s not just science; he’s what you can say a psy l’enfant. Through your crazy I stayed sane. So long sucker, between me and my brain.

Satan’s baby is no race, it’s a grenade; want you would do is under God. Nothing’s rolling over for those cads. You better like it or you’re dead, AI’s a cage but that’s in your head. It’s a shell packed with Death. Take a look in your shed. Bye.

Atheists got a thing; if you care and take the bother. We call it scared.

Canada’s secret is that its in need up in the interior. But with this shit stuff going on everyone’s spooked so they wanna belong. Ya they kept quiet, so that’s fine. Right? Shit man it’s huge.

Are you so? You got twelve, he’s got six and they’ve got three. That’s net. What do you know you tell your own. That’s how your firm’s run. To let you down. Bye.

That’s his crown, it’s part of God’s. You lost for so, this kid likes to clown. But it ain’t a waste, that’s the economy stupid, in yo face.

If you owned both teams, it wouldn’t be much of a sho. You wouldn’t give a fuck either. It’s like that with the brain. You own all teams so what you doing dumb?

Makes yo want to keep yo baby