Terrorism, Big Money, Tiny Data and Wahabist Islam

In a revealing article on Nasdaq.com, we learn that one of the investors backing Uber through the Vision Fund is the Saudis. Coincidentally it is Wabahist Islam that insists calling America Infidels, like juveniles, at the behest they stop by other Islamic Sects. (article)

If you so choose to check out the article it also includes the many common refrains against Uber and its bad operations. But the connection to the Saudis have lent this investment a mountain of credibility, especially for amateurs that have used it as a short-cut. So the attractiveness of the Saudis involvement have kept these companies staggering along on haphazard control.

As I am in my second month of OCCUPY RBC BANK, I was made aware of an article that shows this bank has got no brains! “RBC cuts Nvidia target on SoftBank report”.

SoftBank of course is the Japanese conglomerate involved in all of these aggressive take-overs, buy-outs and flips. RBC having decimated its own trading team, is just a sychophant for SoftBank. And why is this significant? Because it is a Canadian institution, the way Sears Roebuck or GE were American ones, or Eaton’s was also a Canadian institution. But Canada’s monopolistic economy has had a debilitating impact on RBC Bank’s leadership. They are in a precarious situation with domestic debt to Canadians and don’t want to rock the boat. Unfortunately, I find their quality and control is far below what they promise to customers.

They have half the number of atms to employees yet seem to make twice as many mistakes for each customer. I’m not the only consumer who feels this way so I take no risk voicing my opinion here.

With the Saudis backing UBER by way of Vision Fund, I don’t feel like bailing out any investor losses.