Everyone is squeezed together in a bunch. What is this supernatural menace? It is Wall St. wolves who have stolen the wealth of the American middle-class. Yes Men are the same working people that can see what is happening to America’s seniors.

“Suzan Benge is 73 years old, and every month she lives on just $771 in disability payments, $100 in food stamps and $14 in state low-income subsidy.” (Article by Financial Times)

They haven’t the foggiest clue about managing their own 401(k) plans either.

“Most companies have switched to 401(k) retirement plans that fluctuate with the stock market, leaving retirees bearing all the risks”

It is also a fact of the online media industry which lives on advertising that much of it is fraudulent fronts for money laundering. Yet the media, as a case of one business model, has submersed itself deeper. Using social platforms to counter-act their lose of relevancy and impact — and now hackers have your data too!

98% of Blacks say neither party in the USA is ‘doing it for them’ feeling a real lose of individual rights. So do Whites. But why? Sure media is bland, neutral and kick only dead-horses. It is because this “House nigger and field nigger” ain’t blacks. It’s modern day slaves. And as long as entities troll social media without a thought of their own, the country is lead by slavers, money men and yes men.

The solution is put your money in Government Bonds and drain this swamp on Wall St! Then you know what’s worth us paying for!