Axis of Extremists vs America’s Deed Holders

In America, unique to it, is the high number of home owners (eg. deed holders). It is around 64%. For comparison, that state is reversed in Canada where 70% rent (eg. pay a landlord). And this one fact is probably America’s biggest blindspot that should be applied to every analysis of her trends.

Joe Biden has said all extremist groups are a threat to America, a counter weight to Donald Trump’s statement that there are fine people on either side.

Add to this the FBI’s analysis that individual demographics is the least relevant tell-tale of an extremist (eg. age, race, gender) compared to ideology. So anyone professing an extreme ideology is most likely to commit a terrorist act than their appearance.

America’s string of mass shootings by ideologues, who leave behind letters, involve a diverse segment of victims. In Las Vegas it were country-music fans. What they have in common is the odds that victims are deed-holders.

The recent stabbing of a Rabbi and his family in a home invasion by a terrorist (who is Black American) follows the Jersey City, NJ shooting of Jews; a group that also recently flooded the area from Williamsburg in NYC.

Meanwhile the same day, an unrelated attack by a trench coat wearing, shot gun wielding shooter at a church in Dallas in the White Settlement community, who was cut down by church goers carrying personal guns.

There was also the shootings of Latinos (eg. Mexicans) at a mall and separately at a garlic harvest festival. The FBI says to beware of scammers who target Latino immigrant deed-holders who do not speak English. I didn’t know such a group existed.

These one-two consecutive attacks stun, boggles the mind and seem random other than the victims are deed-holders. Meanwhile, in cities in North America there is also an epidemic of homelessness, unaffordable rent and lack of reasonably priced homes for sale (albeit if you must live within a certain area). To hold deed on real-estate is hot, hot, hot!

I think these ideological foot soldiers amount to an axis of terror that is really aiming for the deeds of the homes of victims. Such a tactic can disable entire cities like Los Angeles, Seattle and New York. Or an entire country like Canada.

Too bad as well is that personal economic trends are working against American deed-holders. Baby Boomers have lost their pension, Gen X’ers are finding they have no net savings for retirement. And the marketing engine is on over-drive targeting kids or hacking your data. The deed-holding mindset has gone down the drain, as desperate Americans seek lucrative consumers.