Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Severe Threat to On-Going Concern

The Royal Bank of Canada is being investigated by their domestic government for malpractice; misleading high-net worth clients pertaining to the promises it makes in marketing and promotional advertising and publicity. Even a mob lawyer can take Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) down at this point. When I remove their strategic constraints from this article, what remains is immense fraud or a massive recall of defective service.

As regards their bragging of in-house blockchain technology, automation, online supremacy and best-in-class customer service, while giving money to support local athletics.

Royal Bank of Canada certainly do present a pretty screen of grinning idiots more ebullient than with their own family gatherings. I would hope that you create your own life, from your family, not from your RBC supervisor.

Reason being, their own staff are the high net-worth clients they serve. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has a market capitalization of $117bln, and 79,000 employees world wide. It is one of the bigger international banks, with $300 mln in retail deposits.

It also has a stupid Artificial Intelligence; I’m being charitable because it could be a live agent. Which makes the case even worse and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) can lose its bank license for violating the Bank Act for being guilty of petty theft en-mass that effectively doubles its assets (or eliminates its liabilities) however you want to speak of banking accounting. The differences that cause disagreements between the customer and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)’s back office systems are not tangible to the average person in a retail banking scenario yet the stone-walling is unjustifiable. In the nicest case it is a recall of defective service, in the worse case a conspiracy.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a good example of White privilege corporate culture used to get staff to comply with being thieves; so the fraudsters and crooked can hide behind ordinarily plain employees too. Their retail promotional appeal is neither really high-net worth nor community oriented; but rather of the comfortable that are blithely unawares. A sort of, wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has a new hope in a new CEO who has acknowledged a crusade to improve the retail customer experience. It is acknowledging a deficit in serving their account holders. He has said Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) will not outsource its internal operations; the reality of which is the local labor pool and that includes phone operators who have been charged by the government for defrauding customers at other companies.

When Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) accepts payment for non-service, not only is it breaking its promise to the retail customer of being the best-in-class technology operator but also is committing criminal petty theft under the charter of a mom-and-pop banking outlet. It’s own internal ignorance to the external competitive field bolstered by a legislated protection from the socialistic monopolistic legal and business framework of Canada is a severe threat to its on-going concern.

This is not so readily evident on its own soil where 70% of Canadians are rental tenants, less aspirational than even Marxist China. And certainly a bit trashy to middle-class working Americans.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has established for itself, that is wholly unacceptable in a retail landscape, of operating outside the bounds of reason for the average person (not a special person). So it seems they are only serving their own high-net worth staff as clients who speak that technocratic bull, that is far below the usage by qualified technicians in the field of computing, automation and most certainly retail finance!

If their staff demire to a stupid AI or if that is a live agent, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has not a chance in hell given the labor market constraints.