The Culture Proof: The Case of Sodom and Gomorrah USA

The enigma wrapped in a puzzle, is the same today for whites as it is for blacks. That’s a pun because it reveals the disparity of geography not race!

In same places in America, racism is bad for your white money! In other places, it seems there isn’t enough money even for whites!

Such that white cow-girls end up doing pornos! Not only that another Sidney Poitier is a nigger. The ones that make it in these places eerily remind us of dark-money and perverted CEOs, reminiscent of Formula One nazi sex orgies.

As I’ve said, “shit bitch, your improv with household items is shit! It’s a fucking horror movie! You walk across the screen like that hag from IT!…nigger go south and be a sir”

Because for your shit NYC row house, you upgrade class, future and backyard poolside lemonade! NYC, San Fran, and Washington DC, shows the fear and paranoia of the average American. Due to retirement, the new group will betray character, justice, science and Allah to keep their precious low level jobs. Western Women, that call Saints ‘Hot’, and think nothing of ransacked church pensions! And their stupid male counterparts, place more emphasis on a state of being rather than the merchandise, which is shit, they have to offer!

Grammarly is an example of the pointlessness of writing. Apple’s marketing is better than the US President’s, that makes his staff low level professionals! No corporation or Godly leader wants to be read like Trump! Grammarly if it were a car, the world wouldn’t be caught dead with the driver. A prehistoric Man in the modern age!

That the next James Bond ought not be a woman, even if Pierce Brosnan said it in jest or in triffle, betrays the spirituality and confusion of the Western Woman and her stupid male counterpart, that think more often of sex than Man. Magazines to show them how to dress, to cook and to be….God in the right decor and an education in the proper A-line skirt! And no rearing and perhaps a hidden family that you have to run a national background check —- things are not so simple here.

Yet consumerism as status fuel a massive fast food industry! That keeps these modern day gladiators, like the professional athletes, bellies full and their minds worried for their health. They are modern day leathernecks. Those men of old, that died 3 out of 5 building NYC skyscrappers before God deemed it!

You come here, with your Allah and Buddha and you are a doctor driving a cab, delivering pizza, or selling banner ads…giving porno cow girls free advice to survive! While the children of the devil, filled with magazine dreams, put more filth and trash, turning every unsuspecting American and those lost for a guru into zombies — if you’re lucky and smart you become a vampire and eat flesh!

That is the geographic disparity in America and it isn’t a sun-down dusty village! It’s San Fran, NYC, Washington DC and even LA! And it is due to retirement, incompetence and a false sense of seniority. A faux labor-movement like their faux God!

The people in those places speak backwards in English

They have lost much, like Amazon HQ2 but rally on. They have lost more like Ocasio-….. and rally on. They have lost even further more like Harris, who spent her career creating a dagger. When she had no chance, personal not racial, of becoming President!

Mine isn’t terror like Al Qaeda, it is reason! America has a problem, gangs of New York, al qaeda and the people of NYC, acting as children of the devil!

The general public in these cities use corporate for profit stars as spiritual idols, as enlightened minds both in career, fortune and knowledge to correct their mistakes via their politicians! They are modern prehistoric Man.

Victims and poor by their own callowness.

Harris created a dagger and of that a new fear for these paranoid unevolved bums without sight. The American Dream is “New Jersey Online Dating” and POF NYC. Strangely unphotogenic and pleather, instead of tangible asset. Also strangely self-absorbed and average, like mass production beer. Too cheap to even go to the men!

The people in these places look less American because they are manufactured by a chinese factory. And like that, each must be inspected on purchase or suffer the inconvenience they call pain of refund!

Buy low, sell high and move on! It’s just another Toulouse!

It’s the modern day, that this seeker don’t have to encode his words.

Obama thought the digital gap was wiring? It’s sharing bargains, free movies and what others are getting! It’s sharing the rich kids can’t get into Harvard…. It’s sharing their parents can’t do their own taxes…. And their assistants get away with murdering them!

It’s sharing these people spend more time broke, in jail and on drugs having sex in front of a camera with an X rating, then a high middle nigger in the south!

It’s sharing that a custom church hat is too good for these niggers but it’s cheaper than your lawn mower!

Making it in NYC is a rouse, because they treat those as dolls, and they never stay but set roots elsewhere. NYC and now those other places, due to retirement, are merely being appeased. They have the authentic Ken and Barbie, not a chinese made knock-off.

But for your entire life, Good is a ray of sun. What you leave behind is plastic pollution (Ken and Barbie) due to retirement, hence fake news, misinformation and misrepresentation to fluff real estate and french eclaires.

Today’s consumer debt (under the false impression of making money) by plastic chip card, identifiable that can not be discarded, is the sign of an anti-Christ, a beast and a wolf.