Corporate America As Open Door & Grammarlifying Pornography —TheCultureProof

Corporate America is the open door that poses a security risk to the cohesion of the United States because corporate culture, though just a few actually hold MBA’s, is awash in the Grammarlification of writing at the expense of speech. It is Apple’s dreaded 1984. But for the frontier woman who is four-squares sane….

Several fateful events formulate this perspective that Social Net’s artificial intelligence gerry-rigs are used to sell crap to the general public by pushing our buttons with its nutty algorithms to the extent that we no longer have confidence that people are at their jobs; that accomplishment of respectable degree are easy for anyone; and economically empowered women have a fetish for making and distributing home-sex movies.

Mostly these meems are a fallacy, and I postulate, based on facts and figures, that one or two videos have spawn an industry among, for lack of a better phrase, down on their luck Americans. The problem is private wealth is not a matter of civics and so when a few individuals wreck catastrophic damage to private lives most draw not the connection to consumers and business credibility.

One of these major events is the arrest, but suicide, of financier to the bespoked jet-set, Epstein…precipiced by the monumental accusations leveled on Weinstein. That slavery is immeasurably deep in American culture, that is devoid of light in comparison to the daily ritualistic grind of governing. White-bread Americans that are sold at birth to be loyal to private interests without the same kind of civic responsibility as you and I. Not that they are imbeciles rather some other kind of ineptitude. What I described is a mafia whose culture sullies democracy and business.

Given that we are attuned to empty compliments but the siren song of affirmation when Hollywood movies, best sellers and speaking engagements also net CEOs’ lots of money on the side because their corporations are making lots of money for share-holders selling, not to consumers, but to businesses as is the case of advertising. Social Networking Websites are not a great platform for selling to consumers. They mainly generate exposure with other businesses, therefore CEOs’ of more humbling industries have ensconced away from creating a better work-force through mass forums, which is the opposite of direct-selling. So massive social platforms are not a forum for direct-selling nor real meaningful purpose.

Another event is the fishing of your information and mine off Facebook, done en masse is anathema to privacy and anti-spam laws. And it is an egregious error by a successful web-based corporation not to consider basic HTML etiquette (“How to protect web pages from email harvesting” and other programmatic sophistications that prevent such hacking.) To have constructed such a great pyramid only to forget the drain holes, is probably the biggest confidence scheme in tech.

And we come to the Grammarlification of American business writing, which isn’t about ideas and elucidation that leads to profit rather CEO’s don’t look like “as though they were conjugating irregular verbs.”

And can freely conjugate explicit fetish and pornography in the style of the magazine of your choice at the check-out line.

Finally, nothing is worth granting here, that millions of people appear to watch adult material or research toe warts on the web. Rather what is reasonable is that a great big share of online advertising is reported and tax-exempt as fraud. Who benefits most but business to business relationships that want to rope more consumers into using their potty with Net Neutrality.

The problems this will create is because pop-art (e.g. art for the sake of corporate profits) as if it were a cola, is a psychedelic drug that is only temporary just as share-holder wealth is permanent. Media is more than pop-art because the messenger (sic) is also the message.

The smoke signals of democracy such as internet freedom, #metoo and open demonstrations are strong under Trump as is the believe that an Evil exists, beyond Good and Evil and beyond style-codes for every identity and brand.