The Cocaine Boom by TheCultureProof

Cocaine production is on the rise in Colombia. After a waning period of drug use ascribed to baby-boomers kicking the habit, drug sales is rising again among the younger generation of Millennial and their younger peers.

In Canada, the cocaine user enjoys it around 10 times a year, second most in the world, and among the most in the world for the general population (top list). In all, cocaine users are mostly in paid employment, about 29 years of age and are equally male and female. A third of them do not go clubbing (eg. discos). Most of them also smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and use other drugs in the same year. (Study)

Cocaine increases the odds of sudden death by 400% among the young and healthy (eg. 15 to 49). Users of cocaine binge in increasing amounts because their synapses become accustomed to the drug leading to higher odds of sudden death. Former cocaine users report heightened triggers that makes them feel like relapsing. (Study)