We Aign Like That.

You can’t say sh*t ’bout this because it aign political. The Golem they create will enjoy itself and satisfy it’s cravings! America is born with Sin! And maybe a SUPREME WHORE have shown it a cheat! But it is only a blind fold and nothing more!

What ever you think about the OJ Simpson Trial it aign a Constitutional Right! He is one in a million perfect Black men that say to me “We aign like that” and I believe it because I say it too!

I say “We Vietnamese aign like that!” and too bad you got to deal with it but they never come up to us! And you know what?! I believe the white boy too! They aign like that! Which brings me to things now — the government has shit for brains!

Some of them are part of a conspiracy to rob you blind of your pension! And a few are fighting back with pension reform but they are facing a hostile media just as tainted and uninformed as district elections!

You have gone whole hog with gigs that bankrupted your opportunities and your budgets! You have taken out personal credit only to see businesses fail and your life savings gone! You want cars that explode. But you don’t care, because it lead to a book! You are shit for brains! You don’t check rocket engines any more and you insist on flying clap trap passenger airlines all over the sky!

You feel pot will make you sharper! You want more health coverage for opioids! You NEED abortion because you were wrong about that nice stranger at the bar! You are shit for brains! It is easy STUPID! Stay away from wild animals! But you insist on cliff diving, shark baiting and LSD experiments in the basement!

That’s not a Constitutional Right! It’s plain ol stupidity and I don’t want to buy a ticket to it! I want them to power scrub my sidewalk, hire another patrol car and give me free condoms! I want to be rich when I’m right!

You may have to fester with your cancer, accept Falun Gong gods and let them have sex with your children! You people are wrong to confiscate my money, and rob from my education! I will not take part in your self serving pyramid economy as cheese for rats! We want equal! Eat your rats and let your children out!

They can not fix what they’ve gotten themselves with because that’s not how to fix it! You can’t be nice to animals! Shit stinks so take a dump by yourself not in the assembly hall! The damn ugly Americans doing it all wrong; not laying down the law but not parenting, coaching or mentoring either!

They have been privileged to work with good people thinking them wild ignorant niggers, gooks and poor! Molded as they have been by WHITE SUPREME MANAGERS! These God damned unqualified thieving managers are the end of America! America is the future-man. It is watching death on TV. It is cheering institutional failure. It is a drug addled mindless person just as much as it is a military-industrial complex. The two halves have chosen thusly!

Islamic State in the West is a failure. Islamic State is incompatible with democracy, capitalism nor other religions! It can not speak its mind accurately. The terrified liberal ISIS Western bastard wants to take a ka ka on national TV! Hustling your crappy twat so I can pay for a clinical douche!

From the front to the rear, and how we meet when we break for lunch, we are God! And you are rat shit thieving mongrels! I am shaped by character and values and I have sacrificed making a buck to topple this country with rats! My path is truer, happier and wealthier! The media is crying their story, missed it at 55? Miss it again at 65? Damn dirt poor again at 75! We aign like that, and we don’t want your mongrel! Together, both terror and liberalism have created a test tube human being worse than a Golem! A self-cutter that hates its existance!

The Americans on the slow track. Learning about ovarian cysts from their celebity gf. Agonizing about man-gret. I have to build one for them next to the Holocaust Memorial! It’s an abyss and they never made it back to the surface, never defeated the Minotaur, and never recruited another level for the pyramid! Fucking forget it!!! This is the America of future-now; the public streets of Cops, the personal experience of flipping homes to private envy and regret.

Social Media did bust that bubble. Everything is real! We are unbelievably smart, rich and can’t be done without. Your money aign the only one being repped shit head! You still with us, boy? I did but what the fuck was it?

Government is sh*t for brains, from the front we demand they serve the rear! Not steal and be disdainful. There is only one explanation! They are the guilty people! It’s about pensions! Drive out business, create need for pension growth, facilitate high risk gambits, institute border tax wars, attract a fixed number of tenants, lose the entire pension, walk away Scott free. What you expect for free? I don’t know if your second chance will be in that seat!