Who Is Aubrey Graham (eg. Drake)?

The federal legalization of marijuana has boosted sales of illegal street marijuana, beyond historical demand (this is the economics no one forsaw!). Hell’s Angels, black gangs and the Mafia are battling for a share of that illegal trade in Canada.

Aubrey Graham (eg. Drake) is a Hell’s Angels by wearing their insignia in public photos.

A rapper on his crew (eg. Aubrey Graham’s group) was viciously sprayed with machine gun fire in a lobby of a luxury condominium.

That is God’s Plan for the Grammies and the NBA Raptors. You find such a plan you’re dead! Canadian’s are proud Canada is a narco democracy. They are stupid. Denis Villenau (sic) who directed Sicario is a Canadian but the people are still STUPID! Do not give stupid people a guaranteed income!

Cover photo courtesy of Stereogun at this article.