The Economy Is Full Of Bubbles: Buy ‘War’ Bonds.

Taking a careful look at NYC, I see that many New Yorkers are concerned as I am about the state of their local economy and at the same time are bewildered (something new that struck me having watched a presentation of Hitler’s Furies about the young professionals during the rise of Nazi Germany, many that were simply patriotic with a few that were actually monsters too seen in photo ops with their ruling elite). The government has said that Terror is changing tact and becoming more insidious; and today those next to the ruling elite are more like wolves of Wall St. than monsters.

Amazon HQ2 cancelled on the NY area and while also laying off its entire sales force in Seattle. What a disappointment to the ordinary working person who specializes in a particular function. NYC, whose media start trends like gigs, collectives and star artists, got left on the roof while someone stole the ladder. These things, short of being million dollar luxury collectibles are actually premium products like premium outlet fashion whose consumers have all dwindled resulting in a Retail Apocalypse at this very moment. Consumers, including yourself that rely on companies to need your function, see media, celebrities and their fans embracing a slut culture as a poor man’s civil rights. When the modern manager, at once a champion of diversity and also a corporate emblem, is the only one to retire with a big pay check as we all lose jobs and lose time. He can be black or poor or a good ol’ boy or a woman.

The grass roots movement, that got a black president elected, has been bought up by billionaires and that media are as biased as corporate news networks. Perhaps even more so, because the country is not paying attention to what is happening to the real estate in your community. With what has come to pass in recent years over bots and mystery shoppers and unbelievably influential ka-ka (eg. detritus) you can reason that Dell Hell, the genesis of the internet viral, is fraudulent, same with Perez Hilton’s audience or Yahoo’s blood sucking website measures. As I write this on a well made Dell computer with joy in a personal computer.

Governments are offering tax credits and policy support to businesses. It’s not good. You cannot just change laws for for-profit private groups because your promises fell short. It’s like offering your daughter to a car buyer (which sounds great if you’re selling Rolls Royces to Al Pacino) but also leaves 99% of the people out of the equation. A tax credit is as good as cash and having too much cash is a bad thing for a company that is doing the same thing in your locality it can do on the phone with a toll free number. Government is shit and its advisors are shit. So you have a great job but you’re also stupid as shit as your region gets drained on such a massive scale you can’t even see it. There are tell tale signs of course, like hot spots that aren’t hot. Friday parties that aren’t public but are corporate. And just more doggie poo on the sidewalk that regular people who can’t fly have to step around.

Oops, okay that’s it, no more free advice.