Wolves in NYC

A future with only healthcare and defense, where art, manufacturing, education and media is fluff is Sparta. These cadre of gentle wolves are saying, public education does not give you soft skills, nor does higher education give you character. That the size of the financing and work by way of this, is what defines a person, like fashion modelling.

It’s a skills training bubble! “There are also technical jobs that require some training and offer average pay, such as physical therapy assistants (average annual wage $59,594 in 2014“. A pack of wolves in sheep’s clothes manipulating NYC markets. “An inefficient market, according to efficient market theory, is one in which an asset’s market prices do not always accurately reflect its true value.”

It’s their short that they are palming off on consumers, to promise consumers they can fix their pain. “Twelve of the country’s largest not-for-profit health systems ended 2018 with $3.7 billion in collective investment losses last year in the stock market downturn that erupted out of political and economic fears“. “Jewish Home Care plans layoffs in challenging market“. “NuHealth late on $63M in health care premiums for employees“. “Health plan for the disabled to shut down“. It’s all part of investing on the stock market so they have no insurance. They also propose cornering the market on $100 bln at the city level of government healthcare coverage for retirees and those uninsured; but at this very moment that very economy is closing care for seniors who can not pay the bills owed by the very same pack! “Mayor guarantees health coverage for 60,0000 uninsured NYC residents“. “Future health costs for retired city workers exceed $100B“.

The short is $4 bln in stock market losses. The impact are seniors (retirees) displaced who can’t pay bills causing home care services to go out of business. And errors in hospitals like out breaks. What you get are a burst in development and publicity…Justifying it with a $100 bln from the city in years to come. Meanwhile they are still short and need to cover the tab that has come due. Lets say one network employs 64,000 was it? “Northwell Health is the biggest and fastest-growing private employer“. But they will use up $100 billion of taxes? So that 64,000 people in a city of 10 million will earn $100 billion in revenue? That is beyond the 1% of the world. “Northwell teams with nonprofit developer to build major Upper East“. Meanwhile, pretty 11 year old Russian models are working lost in NYC because they don’t know their full labor rights living in agency owned apartments getting hair cuts at agency owned salons. Essentially promoting even selling pretty eligible but who are dumb to attract rich unethical investors.

The Governor “walks back $550 million in promised health care funding” because there are other major issues in those same years to come like the need “to expand Manhattan to protect against rising seas“.

It may well be that this pack and their friends did not live within their means, wanting something for nothing by creating a twisted economy for labor based on looks and (not deregulation but) little value. In the age of a billionaire US President and an Amway heiress as head of education, they want the public to fund their private schools by the Charter system as well. This pack resent the fact of their wealth and discount ability by the leverage of such wealth.