Bill Cosby is Free & #METOO Is Still Good.

Bill Cosby you have dementia! You are not “a political prisoner akin to Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi” as you insist. You have been accused of rape and your defense does not address that issue! I can see you are crazy, but do you see that yourself? (Article)

Your estranged daughter has only glowing things to say of your donating the millions of your own money to universities for kids’ education and growth, and a loving childhood. (Article) So what that topsy turvy journey between you and her was about I don’t know.

All of your accusers have admitted or been found to manipulate evidence in their favor. Biased and Gerry rigged records. “Janice Dickinson admits to fabricating part of Bill Cosby drug-rape allegation in memoir” (article) and “a forensic expert found that a tape Constand’s mother made of a 2005 telephone call with Cosby had been manipulated in two places and was “not an authentic” (article).