Terrorism Is Not More Than Illegal Narcotics

On Easter Sunday 2019, terrorism struck and killed 200 worshipers in a church. (Bombs tear through Sri Lankan churches and hotels, killing more than 200 people). And it is nothing other than drugs. Last year, ‘ buy clomid testosterone Cardinal Ranjith declares war on drugs in Sri Lanka’ (news Jalapa ).

Drug traffickers are punished in Sri Lanka with capital punishment. “Drug-related crimes have prompted public calls to restart executions in Sri Lanka, with cannabis and heroin the most widely used.” (news).

That ISIS celebrates the death of 200 worshipers today indicates that terrorism is honestly not more than illegal narcotics.

How ordinary is illegal narcotics? Well, in Canada “RCMP charge ex-Vice Canada editor with conspiring to smuggle cocaine to Australia” (news). A well placed influential young professional with a well known Western media outlet. Media is the only business that asks the audience to trust them personally.