Justice By American ‘End of Days’

In the land of decadence there is life outside the decadence and for a long time many many Americans have pondered upon the prophecy of ‘The End of Days’ to gird themselves for the wave of corruption and darkness that will engulf their world before the coming of Christ again.

One theory is that the physical scar of the beast will be an electronic chip embedded on every person. The Culture Proof, remember it well, says that day is now. The chip is indeed embedded on those people as a symbol of status yet do little to nothing with it. That chip is a result of consumerism and dumb consumption of media.

Those with the mark of the beast, God not bless their souls, for that is the prophecy, will usher the dark epoch. Righteous in their powerlessness, blind striving and simple work, they seek ultimately hollow trophies because their exchange is simplistic.

This has come to pass. Compulsory taxes for luxury and in return more ticket outlets, snack bars and retail crap. They make minimum wage and plan to get rich because it is a dog eat dog world. They spend more than they make and expect the same from others.

So some with vast sums of wealth, not just those among the poor and the middle class, not shrewder for mixing with the non-virtuous have gone in search of purity in filth. Royal blood among the destitute with the potential of past rulers and great minds in its DNA. It is also a reality wherein they value themselves as slaves and think nothing of empty science to pay for their real estate.

A culture and economy, within the bigger economy of the USA, wherein the Pope endorses media whose readership, maybe 90,000 in a place of 5 million, read for ads trafficking prostitution. It is a network of media across the USA, that write for customers of prostitutes and have gained prominence for its high value affiliations with billionaires, property developers and the Catholic Grand Duchy. I say it is a rag in many cities, published by tacit slum lords or their friends, helping beasts and predators with a bit of shallow cultural sophistication and wherewithal.

It has turned whole American metropolises into wastelands of filth, decay and deserts. I take a departure here to point out Mr. Donald Trump’s success. I have the impression his family are engineers that can work for any other firm and his wife has a supreme eye for decor.

And I return to the filth, decay and ruin that money, prostitution and beasts have wrecked for the approval of predators and sex buyers.

Bill Clinton was wrong. It is NOT the economy STUPID! It is the people! They can not understand complex ideas without ever higher education. Religion is not defecating nor is business, ethics and the arms race.

The mark of the beast is a chip, that does nothing. That is a chip as a chip for a chip. It is the mark of the beast! It is an American concern outside the decadence! This beastly economy is like a Dark Church, the precious hold jobs of falling corporations and hollow titles, that shrink in the light of merit. They have mixed with untouchables, thuggies, and cannibals. They have no virtue but only flesh and a willingness to lie for money.

In this Dark Church economy money does not circulate as you will expect it not to. What dollar they make is more precious than the treasury of royals to explain their psychological motivations. They are beasts of darkness with smaller brains due to Sloth and their Sins.

Canada, they took a risky loan, individuals as well as corporations and groups. To save face, maintaining the curb appeal when the inside is gutted to make payments. They’re blaming foreign lenders.
These same entities are legal monopolies with the fine privilege to set custom and mores for patriotism to make back risky borrowing, like binge watching TV (instead of studying which that really is). They know what real American middle class comfort is like but they are lying behind the cliche of an isolated collective with incredible income disparity that divides the rich from the masses. And they use their own children like oil wells for the false patriotism dictated by cable television, video games and professional sports teams.

In a place of modernity for lack of living within their means, born of a hubris and narcissism that exploited its own elitism they already think they can create better than God when they can not even do normal MBA stuff nor keep their bad habits in check.

To have the answer to amuse fools to give yourself respite from their ill will.