Canada: Illiteracy, Greed, Short Cuts and Vices

There’s a proverb that the way to teach an English man is with his wallet and as the war with ISIS may be coming to an end, it isn’t extravagant to reason that this war has helped ‘stupid’ get rich. It seems to address every groups concerns about turning each other into a spectacle derided by rich quick fans and sofa self-help gurus.

In Canada the real estate value of homes were driven up by illegal drugs (‘Google’ these events to verify, all are facts). And buyers didn’t winch because the government said prices were reasonable for demand and supply, even though one New Yorker in Vancouver found expenses in Canada made mince meat of her professional lifestyle when she got caught up in auction war for a modest bungalow.

As Canadians struggle with 117% debt-to-income ratio, juxtaposed to Boston MA where it is already 50% and the highest in the USA, they are also accepting a ‘Gig Economy’ with too much lackadaisical ineptitude. General Motors follows Sears as a major loss of employment, and the oil-gas pipeline the government purchased from former Enron peeps is stuck in protest, they can’t get to Yes.

The government also bought, from Warren Buffet, all of the high risk mortgages from Canadians. Coincidentally, many of these things being unrelated in Canada, they are offering Bonds on Canadian Consumer Debt that gives 40% interest rates. Bonds that give 40% interest rate on consumer debt means the Canadian consumer is borrowing from you at 40% interest and that they can make more than 40% themselves to pay you and also themselves. Worse still is that the Canadian government is aggressively getting them to take on more debt by paying the down payment for home buyers with some strings attached (what I mean by more debt).

Home ownership is good as marriage is good and having kids. But you’re still living in the garden of Eden when you think you can informally put this on your resume to be a steady temp. The government health coverage in Canada, not for the poor or the handicapped nor elderly, requires supplemental employer coverage to make it meaningful. Otherwise it is less than the private equivalent in the USA. But if you have all of the trappings of a professional American family, working as a temp how do you afford being sick? You can’t and you have to ditch all those trappings to get on the program for the marginalized.

The government has Canadians owing Canadians as the national platform is going bankrupt. There are urgent priorities that are literally killing people: lakes of mercury, dwindling sea life that reduces fish stock to 1/3 and destroying fishing profession, corrupt healthcare in northern communities going to jail leaving communities to fend for themselves, abortion rates that dwarf birth rates as if abortion rights were a traffic ticket.

Some things can seem innocent, such as cross border Netflix piracy in order to watch American only programs which is for dual citizens who live on both sides of the border legally, that has become a gigantic black market disregard for economics. Copyright being as big an economic engine as manufacturing.

Canadians are unable to care beyond the tip of their noses, while their corrupted influence is causing havoc. It is macro-economics in a walled garden, beyond which they can not afford to cast their illusion of well being.

Betsy Devos, a small business owner in events planning, infuriates me for ranking Toronto #1 in the world for healthy living based on the number of parks in the city. It is pandering to a comfy middle class in Canada that does not have much to protect, lack substantial funds to grow, and don’t see how they can get ahead any quicker. So greed offered them a short cut, a callow government led them on with all the reasons of a false economist and ignorance buys them a kind of blissful denial.

The job openings are for elites and senior professionals, in an aging retiring work force when most are still gaining experience, struggling with poverty or don’t fit the specialties needed. Specialties that were promised jobs by innovation and technological growth.

The new Toronto Raptors roster is wonderful, but so was Damon Stoudamire and Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady. They’ll be here for but a season before being traded, to break even for the year. So corporate debt is prioritized over the game of basketball. Toronto said it got 40 million visitors in 2017(sic), the same as Las Vegas, yet the city has amenities for…residents and is not a play destination. Did they double and triple count airport arrivals, hotel stays, restaurant reservations and store shoppers? You have to wonder because that same year, the number of domestic in-country tourist was 300,000. Worse still, an exclusive international child sex network.

The only way out is to open all eyes, because a core group of special interest is peddling false economics for the public and the home. Policies do not work for you per se but for people so you may not make it innocently enough and become fodder waiting for an unknown hero, like Lancelot, to arrive. The Devil has turned Self Help into a spectator sport so that celebrity right to publicity has gotten further out on a limb promising success and appreciation. The right to publicity don’t rewrite the rules.

The social problems in Canada are attributed to a federal budget short on taxes because of tax shirkers. 20% of Canadians make 50% of the income and many tax shirkers divert money to offshore tax havens. This means $1 of income between 2 rich and $1 of income between 8 non-rich. Yet when the rich divert taxes to offshore bank accounts the government doesn’t collect enough to cover the full 10 people, 2 of whom don’t much notice, and what they do collect might only cover 4 of the 10 people leaving another 4 non-rich to suffer needlessly while the rich don’t much notice, again.

In Canada when 20% make 50% of income, the productivity of labor by GDP is unusable, it’s either lazy or a rip off