Toronto Canada Used Greed As A Distraction

The humble conglomeration of villages that total 3 million people practices quackery, like converting gays to straights and letting the Canadian birth rate catch up to its abortion rate in time. It’s the highest priced real estate in all the beautiful world.

They will need it as fish population dwindle by 2-thirds, meaning the fishing industry is now idle 2-thirds of the time. Among other vast indicators of economic sickness, is the love for labor that is less than full-time with permanent benefits coverage that can’t lift the tide of ‘the most educated work force in the world’. It’s stupidity whether you’re a liberal or a leftist, because its for love of money not for profits, which reflects the daring do of the Canadian business journeyman.

Similar to this fool hardy couple.

Household debt is above 100%. The second-mortgage debt market is near saturation, so people have no more credit options. They’re treading water, especially as General Motors pulls out of Canada and the fishing industry paddles on.

The coming of the Anti-Christ presages the rise of the “Roman” empire, when human life is cheaper than money, such as human trafficking and cheap labor in the West.

Toronto law and economics is corrupt. It’s national media hub does not choose the most good for the most people. It’s coverage of national priorities is a spartan hankie for the homeless.

Granted most people go about their daily life tending to their affairs but Torontonians seem to have withdrawn into a shell festooned with international or American culture, scared to express Canada’s native culture. Take for example the saintly adoration showered on American celeb Ellen recently like an Indian saint.

Just Jared:
Ellen DeGeneres Gets Support From Wife Portia de Rossi During Toronto Tour!

Per se, nothing the matter with nice people. But it also presage a hollowness of selfhood.

Canada’s present climate as utilitarian white bread safe, instead of for the best society and Toronto ironically not rocking the boat is very evil. Even as questionable new wealth control ownership of the country. Toronto is afraid of Canadian culture. It doesn’t have the heft of American celebrity. The Hollywood version has the dimwit siding with the good guy, but in reality that is why they call it a Hollywood ending, and even Christ Jesus found out with Judas.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

A Canadian has become a passport. The top 20% earn 50% of annual income, pay more than 50% in taxes, 80% pay less than 40% in taxes, half the national pension belongs to the top 20%. Proudly, highest concentration of wealth; many foreigners (Chinese drug dealers, cults). And that is why, there are 21,000 US agents at the Mexico border and near equal 16,000 US agents at the Canada border.