The Culture Proof: Media is the Biggest Pirating Business

IRONICALLY…as we are critical of tax breaks for one another, the largest problem in the room is busy taking notes. Advertising fraud is a billion dollar criminal enterprise (fraud is criminal). And media companies write off $4.5 million an hour due to this crime (source: Hubspot and industry news).

The problem is only getting worse. Accidents that become recurring nightmares ought not be forgiven. So while we are distracted by a shallow debate on whether to build a wall at the US Southern Border because South America is over run by refugees from Venezuela, Africa and Palestine. Media’s fluffy shallow coverage does not go beyond empty talking heads with coiffed hair-dos and expensive lingerie. Shallow workers can not fix difficult problems. More on the crisis at the US Southern Border from the ‘Northern Triangle’.

My own opinion, is that the crisis to security and stability of the people of the USA, is real but The Great Wall of America is not the answer.

And they have been unable and unwilling to fix the worse problem that creates losses from industry and enterprise. Media is the biggest pirate in the room.

Further more, shallow media quacks are using the bountifulness of Race for thin fronts, with Chinese ne’er do wells, Sikh gamblers, white oriental fakes, reflecting our good hearts for duplicitous ends. This is robbing communities of their share of the public goods they’ve earned.

What I know of these flagrant pirate types is that in their last days of life, the hospital discharges them when they run out of money, and they die on their own door step alone, abandoned by thoughtless children. Too bad for the major corporations that have set their plans on shallow workers, charlatans and yes-men type managers (the cheats).

What I learned is that copyright law is anathema to the lazy who does not care about contributing to the wealth of human knowledge because ideas are not protected by copyright…so fake news is more profitable than good investigation. At the same time, destroying inner barriers to resolve inner conflict seems to be the shallow trend of the hour.