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Update: I insist on doing it my way, having spent almost two decades already working. After a journey of tailoring my life and resume to be something of value for occupational immigration to the United States of America this is the result. It is uncopyable:

Do I recommend it? In today’s corporate environment I do. Why? I strongly believe more office workers are recreational drug users and corporations are coasting on fumes as they lose money.

55 yo single women dating 25 yo guys using cocaine in business! Recreational cocaine experimentation is rising with experiment recreational users getting younger as heavy addiction to cocaine is falling.

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I believe my personality is off putting to frigid corporations that are like ice-bergs or big rust buckets hoping a pirate attack will make a good insurance claim hahaha. Ya that’s my personality. With a close family green-card in hand and enough certifications in my field to qualify for an employer sponsorship, to double up on the gravy. I am stating my mission critical criteria of circumnavigating commercial job boards full of slimy sales people who want you to pay for services in order to find work, derelict HR departments with disengaged crew members that rely on obsolete off-target parsing software and the little resume piranhas that want us, the bridge over your talent abyss, to have to fork over money to tailor it to these bit size systems. Its an economy geared to beginners.

I used a template in my word processor to complete my resume and that is the best. Else they’ll have you fitted for a little tykes chair too.

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