Canada The Kleptocracy ‘Of Vanities’ or Just A-Shit

The rich are a disgusting breed. They didn’t go to the best medical school nor the best business school nor are the best executives nor have the best spunk they don’t even have the most wealth yet they can’t see past their lot in life

Firstly, the West doesn’t know its own laws like it doesn’t know English. These nice actors have got more money than the Rich.

Canada’s major broadcasters commit massive piracy and arbitrarily assign guilt to small operators as scape goats. Canada’s lords and ladies are thieves.

Technology can draw a hard border in the air

At the same time…

…that would include YouTube in the round-up.

These ads aren’t the property of anyone but the advertiser, who leases the time slot. Created by America and owned by America. Canada cannot watch without breaking copyright law. Pay for the license of these ads.

They’re making work for one another, they’re in-laws. As Canada feeds its media pyramid we also know terror-media is like a novel by one author wearing many faces that is a temptation to attract advertising revenue labeled advertising-fraud (stealing from the budgets of advertisers). Canada probably did enable 911 conspiracy by lack of virtue