The Culture Proof| The Bubble City That’s A 2 Bit Washing Machine

This is a fictitious city, where the price of real estate has gone through the roof, topping the world’s most expensive and where every square meter of sidewalk is festooned with bright consumer oriented businesses for miles on end without interruption.

The people of this city, in a nation whose economic fortunes have waned, whose basis of wealth is commodities that went straight into financial investments without any regard for creating any other kind of industry, have concocted one of the grandest yet 2 bit racketeering schemes on the planet.

They support small businesses, to the joy of the government who realizes that not enough wealth has done much to foster that gap between commodities and finance, which cushions a nation against swings in commodity prices and financial risks, in a perverted scheme to proffer taxes for themselves.

They spend at businesses, at otherwise bad locations, all along this stretch of shopping of extraneous desires, their business budget (that they write off), and these businesses at which they shop also write off loses and get tax credits back from government incentives. So that this city while fostering new businesses for the sake of not paying taxes has driven the price of real estate sky-high, along with sky high missing taxes (uncollectable says this government), sky high house hold debt, no strong long term career opportunities or a narrow range of choices steeped in the same old economy.