Canada’s Low Margin Economy & Record Low Unemployment For Seniors

There is a mystery wrapped in an enigma in Canada. Many employers can not find good labor to boost productivity and output, yet the unemployment rate is at record lows. Apparently many ‘younger workers’ are plain lazy or have expectations of overwhelming compensation for beginners. What is happening here?

For some funny psychological reason, no analyst have weaved together other pertinent factors in the labor and consumer market. We are told seniors have to work long past 65 and we think it’s for fitness. These Seniors have also taken out second-mortgages to pay off credit card balances and/or buy new homes for which a loophole lets their kids inherit the mortgage as if they can’t prequalify. Baby Boomers well into their 50’s, especially women, have no life savings and apparently they’ve all gone into Public Relations a few years ago, so we’re not even referring to female STEM occupations. At the other end of the age spectrum Millennial are told to expect ‘gig contracts’.

The labor shortage aren’t STEM worthy. These spots at out dated businesses that didn’t catch the wave for smarter people. These businesses are looking for people as decor; business owners who keep white collar mistresses