Overrated Booms, Corporate Borrowing, Emerging Market Defaults, Fake News and Fast-Firings

Firstly lets tackle corporate borrowing, which in the US is at an all time high compared to another high point within the last 15 years maybe(sic), which is like a big chunk of our present working lives of the modern world today. Is it the biggest ever, like since the 19th Century, !not, because they used to also utilize armies for business.

They’re mostly buying back their public shares out on the stock market with this borrowed money because everyone agrees it will be a slow 2019 and part of the CEO’s job is to keep the stock price up (it’s in every annual report) for investors. Investors like you and me, as part of some mutual fund at our saving & loan bank branch, or a little-big player like ‘Goldman Bettor'(sic) ~ that’s pretty shrewd of those traditionalists to turn into a meme off a cheap viral video but get this I also heard the finance industry left Wall St. for mid-town nearer Central Park except for ‘Goldman Bettor’. (source)

Before you birth the thought that this report is ‘dumb’, I want to beam your attention to the fake news reported by the New York Post spreading a perfectly wrong business bell-weather reading of Iceland saying their lone McDonald’s location that closed a decade or so ago might come back. Local reporters followed up and it is not. (source)

All of this current corporate borrowing to buy back their own shares in order to keep prices up by drying up the supply on the open (available to you and me) stock market, has nothing to do with office culture, though some might feel executives will use the money to pay for ‘cocaine parties’ after hours. The problem with corporate culture, is it true given NY media’s penchant for erroneous reporting as a gig not a real job, is that new Fast-Fire meme. Read it yourself, as it is to heinous for me to regurgitate. (source)

Amazon is cursed. It had to dump an entire division due to bad decision making (source). At the same time as it is opening Amazon HQ2. A river will run through the new complex; how wide is this river? Can workers cross it building to building? Getting back to fast-firing, whether it is a Master-Apprentice position at Netflix or a divisional dump, it shows signs of a might makes right culture on the inside. That has an impact beyond work hours, like insane real estate booms. (source)

There are two kinds of workers; those who believe in corporate managers and those who don’t. Which one loves ya baby, is the question. “Amazon turns to robot workers to bolster Black Friday employees” (source)

Bringing me to the concept of ‘Boom’. It’s not necessarily a great thing and depends immensely on….the community and households, which is a mixed metaphor for consumer (i.e. customer). You starting to get the drift of this autocratic Master-Apprentice culture? It’s precarious and insecure. Leading to all sorts of business fuzziness and physical fuzziness as well, but not typos (hahayuck). As for ‘Boom’ not being a great thing, the new President of the Maldives, a nation with close historical ties to India, is saying that the previous administration ‘looted’ that country’s treasury, for personal individual gains, while entering into public works projects that aren’t vacuuming(sic) in customers. The country now owes Chinese lenders, who provided the rest of the money to complete those projects, more than their annual GDP. (source)

Lastly, the housing construction market is leveling off; that’s by rate which is like acceleration to speed. So they’re still building during work hours at a constant speed. (source)