Canada’s Fake Tradesmen? Tip of the Iceberg?!

They have just discovered that a “28-year-old Ontario government employee is facing a criminal charge after allegedly selling answers to provincial college of trades exams to applicants who had previously failed. Peel Regional Police say the man from Mississauga, Ont., worked for the provincial ministry of training, colleges and universities.” (news)
Can this be the tip of a melting ice-berg? That Canada can clean up everything requiring Government licensing that have been the mystery wrapped in an enigma of why a ‘highly educated’ society actually is doing worse than other nations paying its expenses even though it is on fertile land.
It would explain the gigantic eye-sores across this country, from the ugly landscape of the oil-sands to sky-rocketing real-estate due to over-crowding not employment and the high degree of denial and stigma. Yet a heroic association with many things criminal. What once was great in graves may have caused the biggest fuck up around the world: the downfall of Ford Motor Co.