Vision without Accountability Isn’t a Corporation

What does it mean to have vision without accountability? This translates to a feel-good rationale to do things for the sake of without any responsibility for that vision nor management of the groups and people volunteering.

It is not unknown to put a cap on a bad root canal in order to come back when you have the money to pay for the root canal work. What happens if the next day the bottom fell out and you never got the chance to come back. Seems that can happen to anyone and any type of body including groups. So now some places find they haven’t the money to come back and fix that bad root canal even though there’s a nice cap over the cavity because a bottom fell out.

Is there a conspiracy when everyone have volunteered to support a vision yet can not be held accountable for it. Now that the flood waters of troubles have risen, everyone’s left stranded. What is this predicament called? Beyond the identity of a nation, who is responsible for the success it owns?