Joke is Ebay Bought PayPal from Me!!!

Tell you a joke, smart aleck street hustler…when paypal ipo’d I bought 60% of it and when ebay acquired it for $1.5 billion, 70% above the ipo price, I’m the one! (reference: double check it on

What I learned from women entrepreneurs is not to go into debt running your own business. Start slow and use the money you make. Never bet that you can beat other people if you don’t know everyone out there.

Just like this parable: Tai Chi Health Benefits: 250 Million People Know What’s Good For Them….but 70 Million are ‘Doomsday’. (‘double check it with a Search Engine’).

So I’m not going to believe this ‘garbage’ (not the reporting but the underlying market dynamics is garbage). Tesla Model 3 = 4th Best Selling Car In USA* (Maybe)….(‘double check it with a Search Engine’).

So I get back to my observation —- Ford Motor Co is using Elon Musk to leap frog into the Asian market place, is not incompetence but disrespect. Ford Motor is selling to sub-prime customers using the face of Asians in the form of low quality whites, and Elon’s brand is associated with American movie and music whores, more famous than rich. It is heavy handed and disrespectful.

The two entities joust with one another across mass media forms like press and Twitter. In my opinion, any publicity linked to Elon Musk’s brand uses whores and why would someone in a Hollywood movie or pop star whore themselves? Because fame isn’t wealth, ask Bollywood press or UK media.

The Asian word is ‘heavy handed’, to describe Ford Motor’s marketing to China customers. FORD is selling cars to sub-prime customers using the face of Asians as low quality white folks. They ought to hire a rich Asian we all agree is rich not a welfare piece of trash, or stick to pissing off just white folks! Or stick to traditional marketing about family values, instead of promote debt!

In the real USA, the customer is rebelling! Subprime Car Buyers Haven’t Defaulted This Much Since ’96….(‘double check it with a Search Engine’).