The Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Brett Kavannaugh

As I watch the Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Brett Kavannaugh on Day 2, live today, being up in Canada these things concern me about Canada’s hacking of the USA!

Firstly, Canada’s Prime Minister is just as angered by Omar Khadr’s just deserts, $8 million and an apology for America’s military conduct. By the way, my American cousin who is half-Vietnamese resembles Omar Khadr, and he’s been tagged on Facebook by people he doesn’t know…that’s the hack (social engineering misdirection) I’m referring too.

my half-Vietnamese half-American cousin is no Omar Khadr!
my half-Vietnamese half-American cousin is no Omar Khadr!


Canada to Give Former Al Qaeda Killer $8 Million and Apology for Guantanamo Treatment
Canada to Give Former Al Qaeda Killer $8 Million and Apology for Guantanamo Treatment


So these are my thoughts…
The nominee has became a Celeb and that is a bad sign because he’s so busy attending parties and giving talks that his clerks are making decisions and reading for him. Celeb is event staffing!

He’s also a weak nomination, and several times Senators have indicated that even if he wins, the vote will be a slim margin unlike past judges who have satisfied partisan views of the law and won by majority. AND all of the INNUENDOS from the Senators! I thought they were going to arrest him on the spot!

He’s also got a lot of work to do in the home, meaning he’s more soap-opera and house chores than a Supreme Court judge. And I think many ‘influencers’, a new term out of social media, will be at a lose here as to what I mean. He’s still got a lot of living to do.

Bringing me to his view of the impoverished and what I think is connected to ‘Dark Money’ and to ‘Dark Money’ backers. ‘Dark Money’ wants to arbitrage experience like another commodity —- and the ‘superior’ are lapping it up! Why then would Silicone Valley elites be attending the Burning Man Festival rave or joking about sex orgies. These companies include:

Apple. Headquarters: Cupertino, CA. …
Alphabet, previously known as Google. Headquarters: Mountain View, CA. …
Facebook. Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA. …
Wells Fargo. Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. …
Visa. Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. …
Chevron. …
Oracle. …
(source: webpage)

Meanwhile, Taliban kills include three Nato soldiers in Afghanistan suicide attack

And there’s a CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE at the hands of Islamic militants! But its not an overt campaign just that the coincidence cuts down religious lines.

Also that these Senators, mostly rich…now, have a strong diversity of experience. One spoke about his youth working in a slaughter house, which caught my attention and has to do with my work experience; as I appear now what have you (I’ll do a Job Hunting video post about this).

At the same time, news came to me that a Canadian judge wants to take into account Racism in the sentencing of criminals. Seems to me like a conspiracy theory unless you can prove it. I want to leave this one wide open, because I think Canada is creating a new society in Canada.

Personally, I think groups that have normalized relations with Terror, as Canada has done, have more urgent priorities like junior hockey franchises. Otherwise known as ‘Dark Money’ because the source is untraceable. That I dread, an entire State’s gonna swing to Al Qaeda because Canada is sooo much better! And I don’t think I’m isolated in believing, it’s ‘Dark Money’ CEOs, since there is no talent shortage in America! Because a lot of stars ain’t happy with their lot, like a damn refugee, so I must not have been one —- they’re all fucken fakes by Dark Money to commoditize experience and take down USA. And a lot Dark America is that way.

As a really normal middle-class professional, I have to worry about my family’s safety in a Canadian society that has normalized relations with Terror and will ‘murder’ life to keep itself safe. Canada has converted to Terror.