Better Business Bureau is an Illegal Corporation

I describe it that from the fact that, it scrapes company data and forces an unwitting business owner to claim it under duress of possible false and unawares complaints. It is overt extortion, especially when the unwitting independent business must become a paying owner to deal with the review now in the possession of the Better Business Bureau, a private corporation itself that gives its media, BBB Media an A+ but TransUnion, a vital part of the economy, an F (here in Canada). I prefer freedom toward independent businesses.

After all, the primary service of the BBB is ‘truth in advertising’ and complaint mediation, which is a dubious value proposition to independent business-owners members. The stronger market alternative is some kind of business insurance bond that guarantees customer money-back, based on the agreement with the insurance company, who will go to bat for you if you’ve satisfied them all. It’s the great independent business shake-out.

Truth in advertising, like Backpages for a strip club.¬†Self-regulating isn’t defined by the membership of independent business owners at some share-holder meeting. “In 2017, the brand received more than 230,000 media mentions”, must make it a darling tacit sales agent for publishing industry.