The Power of Money and New Life

A puddle reflects the moon and asks the lake if it feels the same way. The lake said ‘no, I feel life’. The puddle said ‘I feel mud’.

The power of money is where you spend it.

If they pay you little spend little. Spending more around will not get you a raise.

Reading about irrelevant things will not make you richer. Reading about relevant things will make you richer one way or another.

In today’s world people will sell their cattle for just a big hat.

Those who talk about the life of strangers follow strangers in their free time.

Some people fish in a desert not a lake.

Everything is a path, even ‘fuck you’ is a path, as ‘happiness’ is a path.

If you live in Oz, there are no law enforcement. Dorothy had to kill the Wicked Witch.

Paying someone to stop being foolish is a waste of money.

God is wiser than mere charity.