Bad Companies, Fertility and My List of Rights

1. you have to wait a year doing blood tests for HIV
2. you have to get couples therapy for communication, and there’s nothing worse than bringing a kid into the world when your communication is bad before hand
3. go through your IVF journey; even when you freeze your eggs you have to pay for the procedure to fertilize and implant it in your vagina
4. that’s a dual income couple
5. meanwhile their cultural change is taking longer than your nonworking life that you need IVF or break up with your husband because its a freak at work on the inner circle? Deal with a piece of shit with the family. They don’t stand out in any student body. And NYC is a trash dump as good as any other…HBO hot shot and dead doctor, celeb vegan and married scumbag. Random people are dumb, scum or poor. Perez Hilton’s not a catch he’s a loser and so are his parents that encourage that kind of business! Vogue can mix fluids with them not us. Let them use protemps. This IVF list is real, quit and save critical time: NJ’s Safe Staffing bill is so you don’t have to ‘stretch’ because this is not like being the hostess at dinner hour of a hot restaurant. It also means it will cost the company as much money as building Amazon HQ2 meanwhile a piece of shit is using your ‘stretch’ to earn his bonus with a bitch at home that loves Margaret Atwood novels about the low class. And to have to be approved by a bunch of airheads after we spent $100K on your tuition, and it’ll cost us more money to ‘stretch’ your life because their nincompoop at work is a no brain idiot. My advice is try for the good life before volunteering for a toxic work experience; where you choose to work is an investment choice that depends on the size of your investment and the return on your time; some people have cheaper degrees and to put up with crap above is additional fees you pay for the privilege to work for lesser characters.

And the nonsense they will embroil you in has to do with big money not listening to the little customer; personal social media is protected by the Constitution, but a commercial social media endeavor makes you a corporate mascot like Ronald McDonald. So you need work coverage like ID MONITORING and ID PROTECTION INSURANCE.

Right or Wrong? Wrong. How is it wrong is just a matter of reading; when the employer says it is not wrong they are anathema to freedom and a philosophical supporter of “murder”. I would never settle but make it public on Lexis Nexis and other online searches.

HERE’S THE JOKE: If you got a great job, go to the worst cities and avoid the best