Canada: It’s Good if You’re A Rich American Investor Who Wants to Dodge Taxes We’ll Help Ya

While there is a skills gap in corporations there is also a leadership skills gap for the work force and the democracy especially of this province called Ontario of Canada. To label a distinct lack of character weak is using the wrong metric, for the leaders of this province have shown immense fortitude in bringing little change and vast wastes of investment for public tax dollars. Who they have made rich can be counted within a dozen and who they have made poorer is counted by census. Why I admire the United States of America so much more at this time is exemplified by the scandalous deal of Uranium One where an executive was finally indicted on 11 charges related to swaying that deal in favor of his bribe; such test by fire and resolute conviction in doing the right thing paid that democracy back with justice. There is no justice for Ontarians; the righteous here are in a prisoners dilemma with the criminally inept. Outwardly guilt casts such a big shadow that the innocent want to avoid prison as much as the guilty — whoever they are Ontarians will be denied that final accounting based on this country’s elitist inequitous track record of the ruling upper classes and the snug political and career circles that hug them. Apparently that’s the professional career ladder in Ontario’s fancy parliamentarian for priviledge society that is becoming a crisis zone begging for skills beyond the courtly illusion of parliament to implement real health care, innovation and manufacturing. Someone in that kingdom thought it best to attract young doctors with hookers and drug taking leisure-heads who are now shooting up in gentrified parks by swanky shopping malls down town. Ontario has no problem now nor did it ever — its what it set out to become. A shit hole territory run by mediocre government leaders who can’t get over themselves to pander to smart people. Seriously, school is harder than being a bad politician and its a career that is more promising than playing with stupid government employees who are near thieves by incompetence. No where else is stupidity an excuse but for the society of this territory. Minimum wage here doesn’t translate to anything but minimum wage the world over. The smart generation of the future are dwindling because the current populace have immense fortitude in cheating for rent. Ontario’s a lifestyle sandbox to watch stupid people think they’re rich in public. If you’re poor you’re bad with money and with leading the system and that includes the current experts of the system who perform like con-artists not admiralty. Canadian society has become a collection of unpioneering comfort seekers on the apron strings of ‘con artists’ who promise to take care of their lives if they accept minimum wage as a national plan. You won’t be able to swallow it when you get there either because its not a free society nor a real middle-class society by salary. In America it gets that way with private armies, I mean private corporations, aka yachts not ships. I can’t even count the ways eloquently so here’s the dirty laundry pile.

Dirty laundry list:
Fake news on behalf of real estate developers
Job creation at minimum wage
Business starts that are hard to sell ideas
Real estate speculation to get rich
Foreign income that leave disgruntled
Encouraging flagrant consumer spending
Taking advantage of financial illiteracy and media illiteracy to confuse matters
Low health care costs for healthy people and astronomical costs for sick people
Big profits in arts and culture and sports to private companies and superstars living in NYC, LA and Las Vegas
Gig economy in going with the flow instead of leading with expertise
Budget shortfalls
Maintenance shortfalls
Real estate bubbles with no taxation benefit aka no real wealth creation
2nd mortgages, speculative activity or over consumption on ‘fast consumer products’
Bad unqualified mortgages
High personal debt above income means no deposits for banks, if you can imagine banks sitting empty without deposits from the general public
Private banks prone to operate like pyramid schemes that promise unrealistic returns, Canada’s biggest caught in NJ, others caught in BC
Big grey market for new goods and services that do not contribute to the government

The only thing here at the moment are crazed ship wreck survivors not refugees who make due with a glass ceiling called American programming else no roof at all. There’s still lots of government financing (aka loans not gifts) for hard to sell ideas, the commissioned people to help you acquire it, and a market hamstrung by lack of mobility and deeper in the hole every pay-check. The Eskimos have not teeth even for ice.