UPDATE: Box Office Mojo is inaccurate, for SOLO VS DP2, both are estimates (not based on actual receipts, on a formula used for past movies, so DP2 might well be skewed for Infinity Wars right before it) but we know this, advance ticket purchases for SOLO equaled Black Panther! The latest receipts have just been last Thursday! The final SOLO STAR WARS CASE STUDY here.

I place my bet on SOLO STAR WARS to gross more than $880,000,000 in 30 days and that Deadpool 2 has stalled coming into this weekend.

SOLO STAR WARS which opened 7 days behind Deadpool 2, has yet to be experienced by foreign movie-goers. Its grosses are 59% domestic and 41% foreign, whereas DP2’s grosses are 44% domestic and 56% foreign.

Both movies are averaging 1% return on their budget domestically in daily grosses, and foreign audiences have taken to DP2 averaging 3% return on its budget in daily grosses, whereas SOLO is averaging 1% return on its budget on its foreign audiences.

Coming out a week later, SOLO has an average daily audience of 111% to DP2’s average daily audience domestically, and 83% of DP2’s average daily audience worldwide.

DP2 has made 168% return on its budget domestically and 379% return on its budget worldwide, whereas SOLO is at 52% of its budget domestically and 39% of its budget worldwide. Foreign audiences is turbo-charging the interest in DP2.

But since SOLO opened on US Memorial Day, a day of cemetery visits and ‘shore leave’ for American troops and also the end of school so lots of tests to study for; with its faster rate of daily grosses and bigger budgeted commercial art, I’m with it to finish at $880,000,000 in 30 days and become another Star Wars jewel.

SOLO is 2 and a quarter hour long, filmed in authentic locations of Spain, Italy and UK, with a new trailer today