Uber-Raiser LLC as the Tax Evasion Platform

In various stories, it is revealed that Uber operates a subsidiary called Raiser LLC, which hires independent contractors as drivers to meet the demand of the passengers of its ride-hailing app.

So while Uber may have been associated with a lot of bad publicity regarding the criminal behavior of its drivers, and alleged criminal cover-up of its corporate operations in addition to dubious technology, like police avoidance, on par with opening Pandora’s Box or peer-to-peer file-sharing while sitting in front of an airport!

The real news is really that Uber-Raiser LLC is a platform for tax evasion. Since Raiser LLC hires independent contractors, akin to ‘owner operators’ of commercial big-rig trucks, dim-witted operators might feel they are entitled to the same tax credits truckers receive, but for one miscalculation. A $50,000 big rig is not commercially certified whereas one that is costs $600,000. That’s why they’re all clamoring for luxury pick-ups in the last minute but it still doesn’t qualify them for those tax breaks. Indicative of this theory of mine is that some report incomes of $2 an hour and others $490 an hour, driving using Uber…in tax credits perhaps, equal to owner-operators of $600,000 big rigs.

Having said that, who might take advantage of such a thing, wrong-headed as it is? Shadow businesses in your community and mine. So we are all waiting for the time when the tax bill must be paid; “an unusually high volume of appeals on taxes owed creates unprecedented back-log” (article), when their appeals are exhausted. There might be no recession when governments recoup hidden taxes owed to them.