OP-ED: Transcript: canadaHeartMedia Inc

Like iHeart Media Inc, which is insolvent under $20 bln of debt was once a high profile brand licensed to Bell Canada, Canada is staggering under much a much more massive debt load. Enbridge Inc, “a global energy infrastructure leader (home page), has a debt load of $65 bln. Not withstand unrealized risks like the Keystone Pipeline, “an oil pipeline system in Canada and the United States, commissioned in 2010 and now owned solely by TransCanada Corporation” (Wikipedia), and the cost restitution upon whose shoulders it will fall, like Enron. Canada’s real corporate leadership is hoping for a golden retirement package leaving governance to air-head publicists and their coterie of dullard mine-necks. That’s why Canada are the richest-liars in the room; the more educated aren’t as banal as the ne’er do wells who will harm people and planet for profit.

At this unique period in history, at the corner of sustainability, ability and diversity, Canada’s coon-capped fur loving monopolists look like the Nazi kids who thought they had gotten away. They’re sleeping more, snorting more coke and enjoying for free sex than we all, either living off family empires run by MBAs or saying anything to be part of that cult like circle.

Meanwhile, since they got nothing left to loss, why not pull their kids out of school and sell those empty spots to over crowded neighborhoods in China, as visas for elementary kids. Why not, because after you sell your soul, what’s on Netflix isn’t all that interesting after all. So why not just fuck up the whole thing, God be damned to Hell.

Who else wants to buy into this fixer upper? There’s even Canadians in Las Vegas and Hollywood, so why not just come? All of us are mostly minimum wage work or self-employed, single parents on the rise, public school enrollment dwindling and poor math ability despite more kids, household debt sky high, only starting to save for retirement at age 50.

And if you know too much we’ll just hang you, even if you’re a billionaire. Since sure as Hell and God in it, we know jackshit about retailing and real-estate and credit card debt. But we can hang ya good and no one will be none the wiser because our publicist can go back to whoring sure as fuck, because so many of us are pedophiles that we’ve had theirs too. The rest of us just want to be left alone so we’ll listen to any brief that was checked by Grammarly because Google sure as hell don’t have to live here.

I mean to compare it all to the whack homeless pot heads on the West Coast is like saying Justin Trudeau is as stupid as them. Because Canadians have conversations with just question marks. The only thing a Canadian is its a lie but they don’t care about you. And that’s Amazon HQ2-Toronto, when the porn industry in Las Vegas is better than Amazon.

Canada is a Western country from the Bible, a Roman Empire, a Mein Kempf fan nerd. Canada is the prodigal country in Cat’s Cradle. It is a 10 but the Queen makes its bed. A 10 who finds Christ on the basketball court with a high school diploma.

It’s anathema to the whory values so popular today, which is that I got a B+ on my freshman engineering math quiz and my mother says that makes me better that a skanky cock sucking faggoty cunt reject even if she’s popular with all the dirty minded pieces of shit dropped on the road by stupid old lices begging for welfare and the dumb rich that love to be fingered by them – and if that heiress is just as dumb as they, she’s a midget with a retards brain who loves stupid men and can’t make her own money but for whoring – so you know she’s got to be fucking the entire executive body and the board so they don’t back stab her, that dumb as fuck moron.