Canadians Long for Freedom But Just Don’t Get It

Canada has a problem filling jobs in regulated professions, also known as certified professions. NAFTA has been a quick fix to bring across border hoppers from the USA to fill the expertise on projects — it not might be about trade in goods at all. The lack of certified professionals is a more urgent and severe lack. Why?

The government touts that approximately $6,600 is spent per person in our health care system which sounds efficient but check this out, almost 90% of Canadians reported feeling in good to excellent health but $242 billion on health care (2016). That’s $242 bln on 10% of the population not $6,600 per person as they have said!!! Google it for those sources, I’m so fed up with this country’s bullshit!

In the upcoming election in the province of Ontario, the socially progressive NDP (read as left leaning social justice party) that I read as the party with practical solutions, is in the lead in polls to win. But NDP has never succeeded much in the past because…drum roll…Canadians are privately poor! You know what I mean, privately poor??? They can’t implement social progress programs other than make middle class programs accessible to the poor…think about that. So it appears like they keep going around in circles preserving a mid-20th Century lifestyle.

And why? There’s that health care math I just showed and if you read this blog regularly, you might recall that the government helped promote real-estate speculation through fake news (propaganda or ads dressed as journalism). And what happens when the government promotes real-estate speculation? Land lords lobby to freeze direct taxes, using the clean cut business man, so that social progress also stagnates even when working families accumulate more assets from merely getting older and having saved. Nothing really upgrades and the economy pops because people don’t see it away from the government propaganda. It is also a country run by sappy elites who control access to information; selling Oz to groups they keep in the dark with threats of welfare, which then attempts to limit access to information. That we see an expansion of judicial jurisdiction to protect Canadian business interest that is bulldozing cultures around the world. Domestically it exhibits a laissez-faire socialism when rich mixes with bad and speak of working people paying with their taxes to fix problems they create.

Living in Canada is like reliving PBS’s The American Experience continuously; immigration brings in more workers and panderers and betrayed dreamers. It’s pretty macabre.

That’s my opinion.