Canada: A Wannabe Consumer Economy

Ecommerce retail $28 bln (statista), or just $1.2 bln (US Gov export) but the fake goods market is $20 to $30 bln (National Post).

E-commerce not the only cause of death for Canadian malls (CTV News), no kidding really???

Meanwhile, Netflix tops Canadian brands like CBC and Wayne Gretzky (HuffPo Canada). Along with, “The Canadian Government Used “Fake News” To Drive Real Estate Borrowing… Seriously” (Better Dwelling), leading the cheer for a bunch of dumb consumers.

Vancouver housing affordability got bad fast, according to study (Vancouver Sun). And, “The unaffordability problem: Seniors priced out of retirement rent in Muskoka” (Muskoka Region).

So it’s obviously a bunch of rich wannabes wearing fakes cheering for the latest flashy thing in a wannabe society that wants to merit itself by appearance not truth. Truth is so:
A “Feminist” government’s plan is indirectly sexist because it puts the burden on children: As child-care costs rise, some provinces push back on economic sexism (Toronto Sun)

Uber Canada to force drivers to take a break after working 12-straight hours (Toronto Star) as if it is something enobling.

But “Government contractor company accused of diverting millions intended for impoverished First Nation” (Toronto Star) is just another snag in a well-to-do economy where Saks was to wash ashore like a luxury hurricane (CBC). When analysts call Canada a crowded luxury market they are ‘lying by statistics’ and casting a falsity across scientific management.

When a Canadian Olympic skier wants to stop the Korean dog meat and leather industry, she imports all of those feral dogs into Canada. They’re wild-life, that’s what wild-life control is for, instead Canada has a burgeoning Korean dog adoption industry for business innovation. She’s dumb and an Olympic skier whose in her twenties and got to find work for the rest of her life. Why is a dumb idea allowed to fly in a smart economy?

Handmaid's Tale
Handmaid’s Tale

So, Canada’s lauded education and health system is experiencing a coniption. Universities says, “employment rate highest for university grads, lowest for high school and trades grads” (Council of Ontario University) but the country can’t fill positions for accountants and healthcare professionals and it must raise minimum wage so young workers can buy groceries. Just as they buy $20 bln of fake goods while Saks goes broke.

Electronic Arts, a Canadian video game company, has released a new version of Sim City that includes a new sinister obstacle called ControlNet. ControlNet, in the game, is “a know-it-all network of the 1%” (Gizmodo), like Cambridge Analytica or the criminal Facebook-Yahoo-Uber-Equifax hacking, which is worse than NSA dread in the hands of money-hungry “businessmen”…of that the elites in Canada who are sheltered and aloof, use ControlNet to stir their hunger creating the root cause of a $20-$30 bln fake goods market by the “owners of Saks”. How ironic

While, an educated person wonders, teenagers not in high-school can and can’t dow what? The average Canadian middle-class income of $35K is a teenager making min. wage full-time. Canada is a teenager not in high school consumer capitalist economy with unfilled jobs in “learned” professional designated occupations (Wikipedia). Nearly half of Canadians define themselves as middle class, even if they’re not (Globe and Mail). The Middle Class in Toronto is someone making $35K to $128K a year, a static snapshot of two guys or two girls (Global News).

It does not help that public elementary school enrollment is declining for alternatives in Canada, that are not like American charter schools (public schools with a special emphasis), but for home-schooling and preppy private schools. It has gotten to be that the government is importing kids from school districts in other countries altogether. Check that out, it’s baaaad.