Saving Canada: Provincial Tariffs, NAFTA on People … Strangle Hold on Media

Canada’s provincial tariffs against other Canadian-made goods might have stymied the two greatest business phenomenon of recent history, that being Wal-Mart and Amazon. “Studies have already established that interprovincial trade barriers considerably reduce economic activity in Canada, causing tens of billions of dollars of losses a year.” Meanwhile, why do you have to be the best in the world just to get good employment in the USA-it ought to be as easy as attending an American university based on S.A.T. scores than winning world prizes, and in this instance I would include things like work experience with well known companies and qualifications that are to code in the USA including democratic values and cultural fit. Lastly, the prolonged strike at York University and its inability to pay bills, while side-lining students raises the topic of corporate media. York University has a strong reputation for supplying Canadian media with graduates and this stoppage along with recent scandals is another peek into corporate media’s red ink-specifically Norstar Media, a North American media giant owned by a Chinese-Canadian business man, owes back bills.