*Advisory: Strong graphical language. BLOG: How Canada (or Just Ontario) Ran with an Intern Fuck-Up

*Advisory: Strong graphical language. This is mature content beyond PG-13

This is purely conjecture and necessary because the province of Ontario is at 37% debt-to-GDP (whereas the state of NY is near 9% debt-to-GDP only). When you add in the cities NY’s debt goes up to 22% from 9% … woe to think if you add in the cities in Ontario like Toronto (cover photo of Canada’s Ghost Towns) what the debt might be heaven forbid the thought such night-terrors!

This fiscal era, post Mayan Y2K, when once we all “iHeartMedia” (which filed for bankruptcy protection) and is licensed by Bell Canada to brand everything in Canada as iHeartMedia this and that now that it’s a poorly managed unprofitable (et al unpopular) logo. The private newspaper business is seeking government funding out of respect for the dwindling breed of reporters they employ because of similarly bad brand choices-like having spent $100 million on a tablet app of their website that’s now replaced with … a WordPress grade plug-in (Torstar’s Stock is ‘Stupid Cheap’, says Portfolio Manager – Article – BNN) . And this week-Two of Canada’s largest newspapers just had their offices searched by competition agents, but well Vice is a “drug traffickers paradise”.

Food inflation is rising 3%, gasoline even more, which is higher than the return you will get saving your money by buying Government Canadian Bonds at 2% return.

So where’s the fuck-up? Woe some bad jokes come to mind, for that poor “intern”. In 2017, 40 million people visited the Canadian city of Toronto in a country of 30 million people. Yet one of the main attraction of the city-Harbourfront Centre unable to pay $1.4 million in tax and rent, says City of Toronto staff report. So where’s the fuck-up? Woe who will these powerful ministers blame? For their totally depraved lack of moral rectitude and executive leadership-an evil absenteeism and glory-hound ways I would just leave it at that. That a powerful highly paid trouble-shooter will become Canada’s minted made golden turkey. Canada is God forsaken and good people are left to cross a proverbial desert because the feckless and wicked have suckled at Satan’s loins. Maybe their bitches might be given jobs in healthcare and education that threaten privacy, children’s upbringing and family success, and even business integrity. Family trees disappear and die out as soon as Canada can sell more paper-unfortunately the powerful will entice the smart with the ignorant that they themselves are forced to break taboos out of Biblical terror-A desperate, deceitful groom kills his family to keep secret from rich fiancee. The abortion rate in Canada is 15.2% to the birth rate of 10.9% in every 1,000 women. Which is 1,500 to 1,000 births where in the USA it is 182 abortions to 1,000 births. These people are selling flesh of households not in failure but like dead children in a graveyard stealing the clothes of the dead. I just did a better job governing because the fuck-up is real, and estimates are off by millions, though of such a dimension that I have to say none of us are perfect [there is no lingo like Canadians have been brainwashed to believe because such words they pander to are actually technical professional terms which is different yet from professionalism and the argument here]. The Feng Sui in Toronto is of such sheer foulness that Chinese delegations go home and give more contemplation to their own reflection.

White-collar fraud is already rampant in Canada and is the most pressing domestic regulatory priority: any other view is blind. It goes on and it gets caught all the time: “I would love to see more awareness by Canadians of white collar crime issues“. So much so that it is raising the ire of global investors; “Activist short-sellers are increasingly targeting Canadian companies” because Canada is home to fraud and abuse. The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) said back in 1957 “RUMOUR and gossip are nuisances and can become menaces to business, government and individuals. They poison relations between people and affect the well—being of society.” Canada’s tolerance for gossip has eroded its credibility, pertaining to individuals to businesses, and adds a dangerous dimension to ties with it. The only people who thrive in this environment are unwise and ultimately stupid.