The Christian Empire, NAFTA and Islam

In a corner of the Christian Western empire, laid across a plateau of rock overlooking lush farm land, is a provincial city with the name of Toronto. A new political power is rising out of Toronto, an anti-Maccabee (Father of Rob and Doug Ford a lasting influence) of the state’s pro business political party with the promise of returning riches to the embattled business owners behind him. It is reasonable to assume his ambitions will lead to the very throne of this nation call Canada, uniting all of the business class in a single minded pursuit of profits.

He comes from out of the glare of his deceased brother, a former mayor of this same city name Toronto. “Police investigators say the communications and meetings between Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his former driver throughout the probe into the crack video “have been indicative to that of drug trafficking – full article“. He admitted to smoking crack – full article. His brother also knowingly employed underworld men displaying a disregard for the polite rules of the elite tony society that was their reputation. “Rob Ford recruited man with history of violent crime to coach high school football – full article“. Or that, “with Lisi apparently acting as the mayor’s muscle around the Dixon Road community to suppress the incriminating footage – full story“.

This anti-Maccabee, despite these events in the city’s short term memory has managed to shepherd the peoples of this state to fall in behind his quest for power. The reputation of the family has grown bigger and stronger, from the cancer death of his brother. Such that all these Romans see this family’s dramatic rise and fall and rise as another episode of a dynasty that has operated successfully in politics and business. Their father was also a governor of this wealthy state and it can’t be ignored that the family operates a thriving packaging manufacturer in their indigenous nation and with the neighboring nation of America. “As part of our continued growth and success over the years, we have expanded our manufacturing and sales facilities in North America – Deco Labels“.

And the pro business supporters hope that someone like this anti-Maccabee can further assuage the recent ire of their powerful neighbor America. “The former U.S. Ambassador to Canada believes that ‘NAFTA’ has become a toxic term when it comes to its political implications – full story“.

America is one of the more powerful nations on Earth. But it is beleaguered in its recent history by a race to know God’s thoughts.

9/11 September 11th Attacks; Business Insider
9/11 September 11th Attacks; Business Insider

America is at war with forces that advances a religion, despite their own violent means. America faces the burden of business globalization, worldly media and leadership influence as well as putting wrongs to rights all the while also examining its own foibles. America is on the brink of a new nuclear war with another nation,

Tillerson’s Firing Brings America Closer to War With North Korea
An attack on North Korea could start a US-China war
North Korea war could ‘kill 10000 US troops within days’

, and it has no moral currency with another powerful kingdom,

“Iran Accuses US of Supporting IS in Afghanistan – Voice of America”
We’ll talk when we step into America’: Iran’s regional affairs none of US business, Khamenei says

This anti-Maccabbee promises the people of America, from beyond the limits of their nation, a panacea for their constant dread. To shrink their minds and downsize away from the path of greatness. To live idolatrous and in blissful cowardice without duty nor service other than customer service.